Developing the mindset needed to persevere through adversity – The michael cammarata Ways

The Secret Formula For New-gen Entrepreneurs That Helps Build and Inspire Great Workplace Cultures

Schmidt’s Natural as brands need to have purpose and a mission. And to Michael, Schmidt’s Natural has a responsibility to magnify the voice and demands of its customers that will make a difference. It’s doubly rewarding to have a thriving business that people love while also making an impact on the world. Let’s use our influence to evoke change!

Detrain, empower and give guidance. Molding a team that’s set for success — it’s the people you surround yourself with that will ultimately help you through adversity. Over the years, Michael has assembled a team of thought leaders and partners across R&D, digital marketing, legal, branding, packaging, supply chain, accounting, and more, who have dedicated their lives to learn and adapt when it comes to facing challenges in the workplace. By detraining and retraining your team you embed a framework for everyone to operate from. And, you want to empower and give guidance to your team to thrive and grow. Creating a culture within the company where your employees feel empowered to think strategically and make decisions is important not only for success, but during challenges too.

Family is a rock. According to Michael Cammarata, his family had motivated him to do things differently; not to accept the traditional way of learning when he was struggling with Dyslexia as a child, and still today as an entrepreneur. Having that unwavering support continues to fuel his confidence. You mirror who you surround yourself with. His friends and family’s support have definitely inspired him to be an entrepreneur that supports other entrepreneurs

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