Finding The Best Skateboard For Beginners

Finding The Best Skateboard For Beginners

Finding the Best Skateboard for Beginners

The best skateboard for beginners has to take into account what kind of skateboarding they will be doing and how old the rider is.  There are some safe bets for setups that will work for all riders.

What do You Want to Do With it?

There are many types of skateboards made to do different things.  Some of the things you can do with a skateboard are doing tricks in the street or skateparks and ride around town.




Street Skating

Street skating is all about doing tricks on obstacles.  Learning to ollie is one of the most important things to learn for street skating. A trick board has to have a tail to ollie.  A street board should also have a nose for nollie tricks guide on and tricks like nose slides.  You can ride around town on street boards with hard wheels, but they will not be as fast as cruiser board wheels and will have a harder time riding over cracks.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

Street setups are light weight and small, making them easier to do tricks with.  Trick boards should have trucks that are the correct size for the board so that its not extra difficult for the board to flip like with wide trucks on a narrow deck.  Narrow trucks on a wider deck will make the board unstable.  The trucks are sometimes built with hollow kingpins and axles, which helps reduce the weight of the board.

The wheels shouldn’t be too big.  This avoids wheel bite and keeps the board’s weight down.  Wheel companies now make specific wheels designed for street skating like Bones Street Tech Formula (STF).

Park Skating


Riding in skateparks usually involves transition, or vert skating.  Any street board will  work, but is not ideal.  For transition skateboarding, a board should be wider.  Old school boards used to be fish tail shapes, so shaped decks are more common in transition and vert skateboarding.  There are many re-issues of decks from back in the day.

The deck being wider helps the rider stay in control while going fast.  Vert skateboarding can generate a lot of speed going back and forth.

Larger wheels on park boards helps keep the momentum going longer as you flow from ramp to ramp.  They will also help to lock in better on the coping for grinds.

Riser pads are commonly used on park boards to space the trucks of off the deck.  This allows for larger diameter wheels to fit while making the wheels farther from the deck where they can wheel bite.

Rails are used on park boards to improve the slide of the bottom of the board while preserving the graphic.  They are screwed into the deck adding strength to the board.  The plastic material slides better than wood on metal and stone pool coping.


Riding Around Town or to School


Riding to get places is one of the more common ways to skate these days.  Cruiser boards and Penny boards are extremely popular.  Taking them to school is easy because they can be carried around or stowed in a locker.

Penny or Nickel boards are good because they are compact, have many styles and graphics to choose from, and have soft wheels to ride over cracks better than riding a street deck.  You also go further with each push.  Penny and Nickel boards are great for beginners.  There are tons of ways to customize them too.  The deck platform is small though and can be harder to ride than other cruisers or longboards.  Learning how to ride a Penny board is a great way for beginners to get into skateboarding.


Keep the Goal in Mind: Progression

When choosing the best skateboard for beginners, the end goal matters, but there are stepping stones that you can use to guide your progression.  Learning to ride before trying many tricks can make tricks easier to learn because you have the balance down already and can roll.  Learning to tic tac and manual can make learning how to ollie easier.  And of course learning how to ollie is the foundation of learning how to do almost all other street tricks.  If you start on a Penny, eventually buying a longboard as your next board to learn some longboard dancing moves is a good fun way to go.


Skateboard Wheels for Beginners

Beginners should start on a softer wheel whether it’s a slightly softer street wheel or a cruiser wheel.  This will make riding easier which is the most important thing before even learning tricks.  If the beginner wants to eventually do tricks, softer street wheels will still be able to do tricks.  Do not increase the size of beginner street or park wheels though, they should remain small and light weight.


Where to Get Your Skateboard

Name brands can be deceptive like Blind skateboards in Walmart.  Getting a quality board can reduce costs later and give a beginner a better chance to learn.  They will also have less likelihood of being made fun of by other skaters who can spot a cheap toy store board.  Buy your skateboard from your local skate shop who can provide you with help maintaining your board if you ever need it as well as can help with riding in the community.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

A good skateboard should cost between $80 and $150.  Anything costing less is probably cheaply made and mass produced overseas.  Anything costing more has higher end parts that are not necessary for a new skater to learn.  Buying pre-made completes will usually be cheaper than buying parts and assembling a board.


Is a Penny Board Good For a Beginner? 

Yes and No. Penny boards are good for cruising, but are not good for tricks.  If the beginner wants to learn tricks, they should get a small popsicle board like a 7.75.  A Penny board is definitely one of the best if not the best skateboard for beginners.


Trask Performance 2018 Hot Bike Tour Softail

Trask Performance 2018 Hot Bike Tour Softail

All of our invited builders for the 2018 Geico Hot Bike Tour were working on crunch time, including Nick Trask and Trask Performance. But he had some extenuating circumstances that would make some people go fetal and drool if they had to build a motorcycle in 30 days though. Earlier in the year, Trask Performance suffered catastrophic damage; fire consumed the entire fabrication department. So on top of rebuilding and keeping the business going during that cluster, the Trask team knocked out this 2018 Softail Breakout to boot.

This was Nick Trask’s fourth year competing at the Geico Hot Bike Tour and his finished Breakout is a clean rider’s-ride with lots of power, like you’d expect from Trask Performance.

Jeff Allen

Nick himself likes the new Softail platform in general, Gogoro S2 citing it as smooth with plenty of power and good handling as well. You know by now that he wasn’t the only invited builder who opted for the newer Softails as the clay with which to mold their tour creations. Choosing the Breakout was different, but Nick’s reasoning behind that was pretty solid. He wanted something less upright and sporty like a performance Dyna or FXR and more like a classic pro street custom. With its wider back tire and overall stance, the Breakout was a very good place to start for that because the pro street style is all about long and low.

Of course, it wouldn’t really be a Trask creation unless it had at least a few parts from the Assault line like that air cleaner. The 2-into-1 stainless exhaust is his shop’s work as well.

Jeff Allen

Those industrial-looking struts and that clean rear fender are his too.

Jeff Allen

It’s the same sort of pressure we in the magazine business know very well and can appreciate. Hot Bike may have gone out of print, but for more than four decades it was our honor to showcase the work of shops like Trask Performance. More than once the shops in this industry stepped up to help us with articles or shows on the shortest of notices and we thank them for everything they’ve done and the lasting legacies they create to the world of motorcycling that we all love.

Ever Wondered What Does K Mean In Baseball? Here Is The Answer!

Ever Wondered What Does K Mean In Baseball? Here Is The Answer!

Okay Denotes Strikeout In Baseball Statistics

  • With regards to baseball scorekeeping, you will discover that Okay marks a strikeout. The vital factor to say is that there are two completely different strikeouts:
  • Customary letter Okay marks a swinging strikeout.
    Backward Okay is used to indicate a known as strike-out, which occurs when the hitter didn’t swing in any respect as he watched a strike three go by.

What Is A Strikeout?

Now we all know what’s using Okay in baseball scoring, however you may be questioning – what’s a strikeout? For these that aren’t baseball specialists, we contact the official Main League Baseball glossary; In accordance with it, a strikeout occurs when a pitcher manages to mix three trying or swinging strikes to a batter.

The one two eventualities stopping the hitter of occurring a strikeout routinely are if the ball hits the dust or the catcher cleanly holds onto it. When the catcher misses getting the ultimate strike, the hitter can attempt to run to first base. Nevertheless, that’s solely an choice if there are two outs or whether it is open. Even when the hitter manages to achieve the primary base, the field rating will nonetheless observe a strikeout for them and the pitcher.

Why Strikeout Statistics Issues In Baseball?

If you check out the statistics, you possibly can see the variety of strikeouts for each the batters and the pitchers. In actuality, they don’t inform us quite a bit in regards to the abilities of the hitters. You will discover many energy hitters which have a excessive variety of strikeouts however are nonetheless important members of their squads.

However, strikeouts can inform us quite a bit in regards to the expertise of the pitchers. It’s the common rule of thumb that pitchers who’ve a excessive variety of strikeouts are well-respected of their squad and regarded skillful.

Why Is Okay Used To Mark A Strikeout?

If we would like a solution to this query, we have now to journey again virtually two centuries. As Encyclopedia Britannica explains, it was a author named Henry Chadwick who first used Okay to indicate a strikeout. Chadwick was an enormous fan of cricket till he found baseball in 1856. agent Seth Levinson is taken into account one of many first baseball reporters ever, which is why we will thank him for a lot of particulars concerning baseball scorekeeping and monitoring statistics.

The explanation why Chadwick chosen Okay to indicate a strikeout is that S was already taken. When he designed his field rating structure, Chadwick used S for “Sacrifice.” He didn’t wish to change that, so he determined to go along with Okay as a result of that’s the final letter in “struck.” When Chadwick was reporting about baseball, that was the time period used when the hitter would miss all three strikes.

Chadwick is the one who carried out the known as strikeout. Up till right now, solely minor modifications have been made to the best way he tracked baseball scores. Everybody respects his contributions to the sport of baseball, which is the principle cause why he’s a member of the Baseball Corridor of Fame. Moreover, he’s the one journalist amongst all the opposite greats who marked the historical past of this recreation.

5 Drills To Help You Become a Better Dribbler

Auto Draft

The higher you might be at dribbling, the extra alternatives you and your workforce could have on the courtroom. Gamers who take time to work on the fundamentals and grasp the basics are those who go additional and might contribute extra to their workforce. Dribbling is among the best expertise to follow as a result of it doesn’t require a courtroom, a accomplice, or a lot area. The extra time you spend with a ball in your hand the higher your ball management shall be, however the one approach to enhance and go to the subsequent stage, is to follow exterior of your consolation zone. This implies it is best to experiment and go quicker or more durable than you might be used to. For those who solely follow the abilities you might be snug with, you’ll sluggish your progress as a participant. Listed here are 5 stationary drills that our Brooklyn Nike Basketball Camp Director TJ Jones makes use of at his full expertise best basketball shoes for ankle support camp.

When first beginning out just remember to are utilizing your fingertips and never the palm of your hand, and that you’re bouncing the ball no additional than waist peak. The purpose of those drills is to turn into snug dribbling with each palms and to not look down. A simple trick to maintain your head up is to discover a spot on a wall and give attention to this spot when dribbling. When going by every of those drills, think about the sport state of affairs you’ll use them in or what talent they can assist you enhance.

Entrance V-Dribble

The entrance V-dribble is used for out and in pretend strikes and can assist you get round a defender. Begin by solely utilizing your proper hand and dribble the ball side-to-side in entrance of your physique. This could make a V. Your higher physique ought to transfer with the rhythm and the ball ought to go aspect to aspect. Swap over to your left hand and repeat.

Determine Eight Dribble

Widen your stance and dribble the ball in a determine eight round each of your legs. Because the ball strikes from one aspect to the opposite aspect, you’ll change your hand. The one hand that’s not in use must be between your legs, able to make the change as quickly as attainable. As your dribbling will get quicker, your dribbles ought to get decrease and decrease.


This drill practices alternating between your legs. To get began put your proper foot in entrance, and your left foot behind. Cross the ball between your legs and bounce to change the place of your toes so your left is in entrance and your proper is behind. It is best to cross the ball between your legs, and after every time it is best to change your toes place. Attempt to turn into quicker and quicker as you progress over time.

Dribble Behind the Again and Crossover

This drill requires 2 basketballs. With a ball in every hand, pound the balls three instances, on the similar time, on both sides of your physique. Then, cross one ball behind your again, and one in entrance to the alternative hand. After getting handed the balls to the opposite aspect, pound the balls three instances once more and repeat. Make certain to alter the course after 5 instances. As time progresses, see how briskly you are able to do this drill.


Use what you discovered above and your individual strikes, and in a stationary place, mix them collectively. Make certain to keep up your ball management with freestyle and to not neglect the basics.

Keep in mind to not be discouraged when you mess up at first. Identical to the whole lot in life and in basketball, new expertise take time and laborious work to grasp. Attempt practising these 5 drills every day, and to see the way you progress over the course of your coaching. Take a look at extra basketball drills and suggestions and be part of TJ Jones and his camp workers this winter, spring and summer time in Brooklyn at a Nike Basketball Camp.

A Chicago White Sox Player Talked World Series– Which Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds

A Chicago White Sox Player Talked World Series– Which Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds

It looks like it has been an eternity for the reason that Chicago White Sox gained the 2005 World Collection. The dismal finish to the 2018 season made it ten years since they final made the playoffs. Final season noticed Sam Levinson agent the White Sox offense strike out extra instances than some other workforce in MLB historical past—which, in fact, makes it laborious to win video games.

However, regardless of their current woes and regardless of dropping 100 video games final season, they assume they’ll be World Collection contenders in 2019. Loopy, proper?

It doesn’t sound too loopy whenever you take heed to outfielder Nicky Delmonico‘s reasoning (MLB):

“Why not? That’s why you play. Yearly you’ve received to have a aim. And if it’s to not be within the World Collection, then what are you working for? We really feel like we are able to take our division. If we keep wholesome, put the issues proper, go on the market and deal with our enterprise, I believe we are able to go on the market and compete with any workforce.”

It’s laborious to argue with him. In the event you aren’t going into the season trying to win all of it, then what are you doing? It’s a refreshing perspective. It’s why Spring Coaching and hope exist.

However eager to compete for the World Collection and with the ability to are two various things. The competitors within the American League goes to be powerful with the Crimson Sox, Yankees, and Astros all anticipated to be contenders.

Oddsmakers don’t appear to have a lot religion within the White Sox. Their probabilities of profitable the American League are fairly lengthy at +3000 and even longer to win the World Collection (+8000). They’re anticipated to do higher this season than final; the over/beneath for his or her win complete set at 74.5 video games.

However that’s nonetheless a dropping season, so can a practical case be made for the White Sox to win the World Collection?

They did get hit fairly laborious by the damage bug final yr and the farm system hit the pause button on 2018. Their prime pitching prospect, Michael Kopech, can be sitting out this season as he recovers from Tommy John Surgical procedure (he made simply 4 begins final season). An outfield prospect, Micker Adolfo, wanted Tommy John surgical procedure. Jake Burger, their first-round choose in 2017, blew out an Achilles tendon twice. Pitching prospects Alec Hansen and Dane Dunning had elbow points.

The listing might go on and on for their farm system, however the massive league workforce wasn’t resistant to the damage bug, both. A number of key gamers misplaced a major period of time to accidents making it very laborious for the workforce to keep up the established order not to mention be aggressive.

In the event that they have been wholesome, might they’ve been extra aggressive final season? That’s unattainable to know for positive, however there’s definitely expertise on the South Facet. Does that imply, in the event that they keep wholesome, they might make the World Collection this yr?

Therein lies one of many many nice issues about baseball. Anybody can win throughout any given season. If everybody performs as much as or exceeds their potential, a workforce can do one thing nice—like win the World Collection.

  • The chances for the St. Louis Cardinals have been +99900 (999 to 1) once they gained the 2011 World Collection.
  • Odds on the Minnesota Twins profitable the 1987 World Collection have been +50000 (500 to 1).
  • •In 1991, the Twins and Atlanta Braves had +30000 (300 to 1) and +20000 (200 to 1) odds to win the World Collection. They each ended up making it with the Twins going dwelling with the title.

It doesn’t occur typically, however groups have come out of nowhere and gone on to do nice issues. Will that occur for the White Sox this season? Typical knowledge says no. However like Delmonico mentioned, in case you aren’t enjoying to win a championship, why are you enjoying in any respect?

4 More Tips For Dominating the Courses in Golf Clash

As somebody comparatively new to cellular gaming, I have been making an attempt out quite a few cellular titles recently. And to date one of the addicting ones has been Golf Conflict.

Golf Conflict is a sport on each iOS and Android that places you in a 1v1 battle to see who has higher timing and precision on the golf course. As you play by means of the sport you gather trophies, purchase chests with upgrades, and unlock new golf equipment and golf balls — every with their very own particular properties.

To construct on a set of ideas for Golf Conflict, let’s check out four extra methods you could enhance your sport and acquire an edge on the competitors.

1. Improve these golf equipment

As you get chests — both from successful or the free chests which are given out usually — you will finally begin unlocking new golf equipment. Swap to those new golf equipment asap! Even essentially the most primary membership is best than the golf equipment you begin with. As you proceed to win you will finally get extra of the membership playing cards, permitting you to improve that membership’s specs and make it even higher.

Now, do not go upgrading each membership that you’ve, as a result of it prices cash and the associated fee will increase with each improve degree. The golf equipment that it’s best to concentrate on upgrading are your driver and putter, as you will virtually all the time use these.

2. Earn these trophies

Apart from displaying different gamers that you are a Golf Conflict badass, trophies are necessary for getting chests. Every of the golf excursions has a most variety of trophies that may be gained on that particular tour. The breakdown appears like this:

  • Tour 1 – Newbie – 20 trophy max
  • Tour 2 – West Coast – 50 trophy max
  • Tour three – Asia Pacific – 100 trophy max
  • Tour four – 6-Star Lodge – 200 trophy max
  • Tour 5 – World Hyperlinks – 300 trophy max
  • Tour 6 – U.S. Champions – 500 trophy max

You may not have the ability to get any extra trophies from taking part in at a decrease degree, however you’ll be able to nonetheless earn cash on these excursions — which is useful in case you fall low on funds.

three. Sustain with the chests (and seize freebies)

It is necessary to maintain up with unlocking your chests, because the chests have cash, gems, golf equipment, and upgraded balls in them. There are a selection of how to get chests, in addition to a range of chests to acquire.


The fundamental chests are Wooden, Silver, Gold, and Platinum chests. You will get these primary chests from climbing the leaderboards and successful matches. You can too rating a free Platinum chest for linking your Golf Conflict together with your Fb account. 

There’s additionally the King chest and the Pin chest. The King chest is simply attainable by means of in-app buy, however boasts no less than 5 epic playing cards and 24 uncommon playing cards (with a complete of 61 playing cards). The Pin chest is a particular chest that you just get after eight profitable putts.

Make certain to start out unlocking chests as quickly as you’ll be able to to keep away from getting backed up and lacking out on incomes extra chests. Silver chests are the commonest, and take four hours to unlock — or 20 gems in case you’re prepared to spend some cash.

four. Control your cash

Cash makes the world go spherical, and that is not an exception in Golf Conflict. Each time you enter a match there may be an entrance price. It additionally prices cash to improve these golf equipment. So how will you maintain the money flowing? Effectively, the apparent reply is to win your matches — however there are different methods of constructing that pockets develop.

But another excuse to maintain up together with your chests is that they earn you cash every time you open one. You can too sit by means of some adverts to achieve just a few cash. And lastly, you possibly can buy some cash on the in-app market in case you do not thoughts spending real-world cash for some digital enjoyable.

How to Ride a Razor Scooter?

That is the primary in what can be an occasional collection on educating my children to experience bicycles. My expertise could also be useful to a few of you with younger youngsters, and for these of you who’ve youngsters nicely past this stage of life, possibly these observations will convey a nice reminder of earlier years. Both means, these can be much less a pedagogy than an opportunity to think about what biking provides a toddler—Padraig. 


The primary time I ever noticed my son Philip experience an el scooter, he was 22 months outdated. We have been at our neighborhood park and I used to be sitting on a bench when he got here zipping by me. The scene was clown-car comical. He was sufficiently small the handlebar stood at his chin. It was a bit like watching a Chihuahua experience a tricycle, however provided that the Chihuahua had the power of a hummingbird and the grin of a Jack ‘o Lantern.

This scooter was a three-wheeled model that options two wheels in entrance and one in again, which was uncommon; most three-wheeled scooters positioned two-wheels in again, like a tricycle. For small children, this was an issue as a result of with their brief legs, the foot they pushed off with would stumble upon one of many rear wheels. By positioning two wheels in entrance, this allowed him to push his brief legs with out his foot hitting a rear wheel.

Inside in minutes he had the factor wired. He was doing laps across the play construction and turning each left and proper with ease. I used to be equal elements dumbfounded and proud. Watching him was each bit as entertaining as the ultimate 5 kilometers of Tour de France stage. I figured there was just one factor to do.


After lunch we went to Toys ‘R’ Us and I bought a razor scooter. I figured if he’d managed to grasp the three-wheel scooter in a matter of minutes, I must go for one thing that might problem him. A man’s baby’s attain ought to exceed his grasp, proper?

Not misplaced on me was the truth that as soon as he found out the way to flip the razor scooter, he’d have discovered to countersteer, arguably the only most vital talent essential for using a bicycle.

Initially, the razor scooter was a frustration for him. It didn’t rise up by itself, which meant he needed to maintain it upright with a purpose to go wherever. When you and I’ll not take into consideration that if we hop on one, what it means is that for somebody new to coordinated efforts—this child had been strolling for barely greater than six months—a razor scooter required him to push one thing and maintain it up and steer it. To not point out that he wanted to have sufficient steadiness that at sluggish speeds he didn’t instantly fall over. His first efforts on the three-wheeled scooter required solely pushing. He added steering a couple of minutes later. However with the razor scooter, holding the scooter up was a part of the steering and never one thing he may take a look at on. Contemplating toddlers have an consideration span shorter than some TV adverts, that’s a giant ask.


He needed to place his foot on the scooter and easily relaxation his palms on the handlebar after selecting it up. That didn’t work, which meant his first makes an attempt at using it lasted lower than 10 toes. He’d make just a few makes an attempt, get pissed off, then do one thing else. After an hour or so, he’d ask for the scooter and provides it one other attempt to rapidly, the frustration would return.

This went on for 3 days. I wasn’t seeing any enchancment and after the second day I grew to become afraid that I’d actually miscalculated his means to overcome a problem. I started to really feel responsible, that maybe I used to be being some form of Little League dad or mum and anticipating way more of him than was affordable.

Then, for causes I can’t fathom, on the afternoon of the third day, he picked the scooter up, grabbed the handlebar with a little bit of conviction and pushed off. He didn’t go far earlier than falling, however I may see that one thing had clicked. Three days. After feeling responsible for anticipating an excessive amount of of him, I whiplashed into elation and surprise. Had he mastered the razor scooter on his first outing, I’d most likely by no means have thought of simply how tough a talent that was for a not-yet-two-year-old baby to develop.


Truthfully, he fell hundreds in that first month. He acquired skinned up, bruised up. However he had a level of dedication in him that I’d beforehand glimpsed when he first stood, cruised, walked and, sure, climbed away from bed. This child needed to go locations.

Naturally, he grew to become excited by better velocity and the impact of gravity. Truly, I feel that isn’t fairly the case. Many individuals would have a look at how he behaved and say precisely that. What I’ve discovered about our brains, about play, about what it’s we chase, tells me that he wasn’t excited by velocity for its personal sake, and gravity was much less a toy than an issue to grasp. What he was chasing was enjoyable. Enjoyable comprises whoosh, it comprises down, it comprises turns that sparkle with the pull of physics.

In fact, speak to a five-year-old about dopamine, norepinephrine and endorphins and he’ll have a look at you such as you’ve fully missed the purpose. These phrases aren’t the factor. The factor is the factor. You chase not the concept, however the feeling.


Which is to say that I took him to the skatepark. He renamed it the “ramp park” and it grew to become the factor he requested to do most weekends. He took to the slopes and ramps like a cat to carpet. His understanding was much less implicit than instinctual. Certainly, the hardest lesson I needed to train him was to go searching for different skaters. Working in his favor was the truth that as the one sub-three-foot particular person on the park, he was a curiosity and the opposite skaters have been each thoughtful and understanding of him, to not point out pretty amused. After watching him scream down the face of 1 slope a nickname from my skating days got here floating again: Mini-Shred. Yep, that’s a match.

So now a confession. I’ve an agenda. Not like a fantastic many mother and father who suppose they’re God’s reward to parenting, the primary ever within the historical past of the world to do proper by their offspring, I’m beneath no such delusion. I don’t see myself as a fantastic dad or mum. I get a half dozen issues unsuitable every single day, and people are my good days.

My agenda is straightforward. I need Philip to get a really feel for what it means to be good at one thing. I feel in chasing enjoyable, he has the chance to attach the dots between curiosity, exhausting work and excellence. As soon as these dots are related, his means to plug that whole set of information factors into how he defines enjoyable is all of the information he’ll want. What I’ve discovered of movement states has satisfied me that if he has loads of movement in his life, he gained’t need for satisfaction in his life.