Why is Sibutramine so popular in weight loss?

Sibutramine HCL was discovered in 1988 by Boots located in Nottingham, U.K. In 1995, BASF/Knoll AG acquired the Boots Research Division, and Knoll Pharmaceuticals began marketing it. Recently, it was marketed and manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and has been sold under the following brand names; Sibutrex, Siredia, Meridia, Reductil.In 1997 it was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration as medication for obesity.

Sibutramine : Why is it very popular?

In a bid to reduce weight many people have opted to buy sibutramine HCL. But what makes it so popular? Sibutramine HCL is an agent that is administered orally to fight obesity and any weight loss issues. It has won the hearts of many obese patients who are interested in weight management. Taking it every day has helped them shed off significant weight. Also, it prevents the regaining of the weight that one has already lost.

Doctors continue to prescribe it to more patients due to the exceptional results brought in by those who have used it earlier. It is known to efficiently fight obesity and also assist in burning the excess body fat. With many people having positive reviews regarding this medication, it still stands as one of the best weight loss drugs.

Sibutramine HCL fight obesity effectively

In case you are dealing with obesity, you should consider taking Sibutramine HCL. Being an oral anorexiant, it assists in weight loss by altering the chemicals in the brain and turn this affects weight maintenance. In obese patients, Sibutramine HCL drug is used together with a proper diet and exercise to achieve the desired results. By this, it will effectively burn the extra calories in the body hence stimulate weight loss.

Sibutramine HCL results

Sibutramine HCL improves satiety. As a result, you might always feel fuller once you take it thus decreasing your temptations of snacking anything else apart from your regular meals. If you’ve been struggling to control the portions of your food, this medication will be of great help because it will reduce the urge to eat more. It also increases energy expenditure in the body by improving thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the processwhere there is the production of heat in the bodythrough the burning of calories. Once one starts taking the Sibutramine HCL medication, there is a remarkable reduction in the amount of fats in the body. A 5-10% reduction is noticed in the baseline weight of patients who take it. There is also a reduction in the waist circumference, reduced visceral fat tissue and an improved lipid profile. Both the diastolic and systolic blood pressure have been reported to decrease significantly.

Sibutramine HCL (84485-00-7)Why is sibutramine so popular in weight loss?

This white is commonly known as Meridia. Because Sibutramine HCL is an oral drug, its oral administration leads to fast absorption. A minimum of 77% of it is absorbed in a single oral dose. The dosage should be 10-15mg once daily. However, the condition of the body determines the dosage given. It is advised that you should not take above 120mg of Sibutramine HCLin a day. To ensure that the Sibutramine HCL is effective, producers need to note that;

  • They should control the degree of the alkalinity and acidity of the product to inhibit it from turning into salt in the acid base. If this takes place, it will lead to theoutcome being invalid thus ineffective.
  • They should add other recipes correctly,or else they will cause side effects like bad breath, stained face, and constipation.Why is sibutramine so popular in weight loss?
  • Sibutramine HCL should never be blended with plant extracts because they have strong alkalinity. Since Sibutramine HCL is a strong acid, their mixture will lead to the formation of salt.

Weight loss capsules

Capsules are the commonest way that Sibutramine HCL is taken. They are packaged in 10MG, 15MG,and 5MG. It is also the easiest method of taking this medication. The Sibutramine HCLcould be combined with other ingredients while forming the capsule. These are; starch, glucose, lactose, etc. To make sure that the tablet manufactured is effective, an air pressure filling equipment is recommended to ensure that the net content of the used is the specified value. Mechanical mixing equipment is used in the production to make sure that the drug and all other accessories are thoroughly mixed.