Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use

Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use

So finally, the new Clash Royale card, Rascals, is here, coming up with the special Rascals Draft Challenge!

In this page, we are collecting the best tips and tricks for you guys to get 12 wins in the Challenge, and of course, to get that huge pack of the Rascals.

Card Summary

The Rascals card can be unlocked from Arena 9.

This card deploys a group of 3 units: A Rascal boy and 2 Rascal Girls. This can be considered as a discounted Knight + Archers combo.

Rascal Boy is single target melee unit with moderate HP and damage. Clash Royale Gems Generator Rascal Girls are also single-target units with medium attack range, low HP and moderate damage.

The Rascal boy is basically a Mini-Tank wielding a wooden sword while Rascal Girls are squishy ranged support wielding slingshots with Double Trouble Gum as the projectile.

Together, they counter each other weakness and thus, can prove to be very strong, especially when over-levelled on the ladder.

The deployment is always a the boy in the front and the girls behind.

Tips for Rascals Draft Challenge

Here are some cards that will work great with the Rascals in the Challenge. Pick them If you have the chance.

Synergies with Rascals

Hog Rider

Rascals and this bad boy can be dope. With R.Boy’s High HP and R.Girls’ High DPS, it is a perfect combo.


Tank + Support + Graveyard. Classic. Not much to say here. Can be used when opponent is low on elixir or when one tower down.

Siege Buildings

Mortar and X-bow both will be benefitted with Release of Rascals as its gonna be cheaper to protect your buildings.


Play Rascals. Wait for opponent to use The Log. Throw in Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang. Ah, the feeling.

Defensive Synergies

AoE cards

Neither the R.Boy nor the R.Girl deal splash. So, having AoE cards is necessary for the Rascals to cause menace.

Ice Spirit

Freeze for 1 sec to make the Rascals do their job in an easier way.

Air Swarms

Tank with Rascals and Spank with Bats, Minions and Minion Horde. The Air and Ground combo also makes this hard to counter on your side of the map.

How to counters to Rascals?

General way to counter

The general way to counter Rascals is simply taking out the R.Girls and then focusing on R.Boy. Treat R.Boy as just another melee tank and use just the normal cards you use to kill them.

Here, I will be talking about cards which counter Rascals 1v1 (with the help of Crown Tower) and not card combinations.


These specifically include Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Barbarians and Goblin Gang.

With high DPS, these can take care of Rascals with ease.

However, beware of Spells or Splash Troops.

Melee Troops

These specifically include Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Prince, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, Night Witch, Knight.

Not sure about the interaction with Bandit and Royal Ghost yet.

Generally, place them behind the R.Girls and kill them (as they are the higher DPS units) and then it’s just a battle between your troop and the R.Boy which rather easy as he can’t dish out much damage and the battle is on your side of the arena.

Splash Troops

These specifically include Bowler, Executioner, Witch, Wizard.

With their Splash Damage they can take simultaneously hit all the 3 units.

Bomb Tower:

Can one shot the R.Girls while the R.Boy would die soon enough.



You can use him first to kill R.Girls by placing him behind them and let R.Boy come close enough for Hunter to be able to do max damage.

Or another tactic, is to use Hunter’s range and splash by placing him at the centre.

Thus, he can be used as a Melee Troop or a Splash Troop.

Barbarian Barrel

The Barrel can itself take care of the R.Girls while the Barbarian can take care of the R.Boy.

However, the R.Boy has high health he may end up killing the Barbarian and get couple of hits off the tower.

4 Home Remedies To Treat Heartburn

4 Home Remedies To Treat Heartburn

Heartburn driving you nuts? Take a look at these home remedies that can provide quick relief.

Chewing gum

Gum? Really? Yea, we know it sounds a little odd, but studies show that chewing a piece of sugar-free gum after a meal for 30 minutes can reduce heartburn symptoms.

“Chewing gum stimulates the salivary flow rate,” Rebecca Moazzez clinical lecturer in King’s College London’s department of restorative dentistry, tells “Any acid that accumulates in the gut is washed away and cleared more quickly. The clearance of acid improves GERD symptoms.”

Baking soda

It’s not just for your favorite cookie recipe, baking soda can also curb your heartburn. Add a ½ teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and let the sodium bicarbonate neutralize the acids that are churning up your symptoms.



Doctors say that a powder form of aloe could quiet your heartburn when it’s mixed with water.

Aloe vera reduces inflammation so “it quiets down any inflammation that is in the esophagus as well as the stomach,” Dr. Victor Sierpina, professor of integrative and family medicine at the University of Texas Canadian pharmacy Medical Branch, in Galveston, says.


When heartburn comes on strong, head to the tap. Pour yourself a glass of cold water and drink it down. It should calm the heartburn. If you really want to crush your heartburn, take a 10-minute walk after you drink the water to help stabilize your body fluids.

Consult with a doctor

Of course, home remedies aren’t a long-term solution. If you have persistent heartburn that is more than just a little nuisance, you should talk with your doctor. You could be dealing with acid reflux, or a condition known as GERD. There are medications, like Nexium, that can treat the condition, but you’ll need a prescription from your doctor first.



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This Overview page shows you information about the software before installing.

3) Click Install.

The default settings here should work for most purposes.

If you have multiple domains on one account, you can select where to install.

The next two boxes let you set the directory and data directory which will be created upon installation.

Under Settings, you can set the Company Name and Email.

Before you can use the WHMCS Theme, you must have a valid license key.

4) Click this link to get a trial license.

5) Type your First and Last Name in these boxes.

6) Now enter your Company Name, if you have one.

7) Continue to fill out the form as completely as possible.

8) Click Signup.

The trial key will have been mailed to the email address you provided while signing up. Go to your email and find the message containing the key before continuing.

9) Copy your trial key here.

Enter the UsernamePasswordFirst and Last Name, and Email for the admin account.

10) Click Install.

After a moment, the software will be installed.

11) To view your new site, click this link.

Here is our new installation of WHMCS. If you used a trial key, you will be able to test out the software for 15 days before you must purchase a license.

8 Beard Grooming Tips you need to know

8 Beard Grooming Tips you need to know

Beard grooming has never been so easy: These eight beard care tricks will keep your facial hair looking resplendent. After scribbling down your notes, head on over to our beard-growing tutorial for the best products to supplement this list.

First and Foremost, Be Patient

A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When you first start growing, resist the urge to trim or style, and leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow the hairs to grow in evenly (some grow faster than others), and help you pick a style that suits its length and thickness.

Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Like any wild animal, a beard should be in-tune with its surrounding environment. Consult this handy chart after the first month of growth, and choose a final style that complements your face shape. Your beard will look better, and so will you.

Know How (and When) to Trim

Pruning is essential to a well-groomed beard—even if you plan on growing it out. Invest in a quality trimmer, and find the right technique to suit your master plan. Here are two tutorials for varying beardsmen: those growing it long, and those keeping it cropped.

Wash It Regularly

This is especially important in the early stages of growth, when trapped food and skin cells can exacerbate the itchiness. Scrub your beard several times each week with a specialized cleanser, like Billy Jealousy Beard Wash, then gently pat it dry: An overzealous toweling can lead to frizz and split ends.

Love Thy Beard Oil

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Nothing tames a beard like regular use of beard oil. There are many varieties to choose from, in a range of manly scents, but all of them will condition hairs to make them softer and shinier. If you want to smell like a woodsman, Mr. Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir is a tried-and-true favorite.

Learn to Train Your Beard

A regular trim will maintain your chosen shape, but it’s not the only way to keep your beard in line. A daily rubdown with a comb or beard brush will wrangle stubborn hairs, training them to grow in a downward direction. You can even up the ante with a soft-hold styler, like Jao Bomade Beardscent, which lends some extra sculpting power while taming any flyways.

Don’t Forget the Mustache

Unless you’ve chosen a chinstrap—and we really hope you didn’t—growing an epic beard also means growing a mustache. To keep it looking neat, trim the area around your philtrum (the area under your nose) with a pair of grooming scissors, and keep it naturally sculpted with a medium-hold wax, like Beardbrand Mustache Wax.

Fuel Up

You can’t build a house without bricks, and the same applies to facial hair. Your beard is made from protein and fat, but it’s also heavily reliant on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens. If you’re seriously committed, you can also round out your diet with a supplement like Vitabeard.

How to Ride a Razor Scooter?

Auto Draft

This is the first in what will be an occasional series on teaching my kids to ride bicycles. My experience may be handy to some of you with young children, and for those of you who have children well beyond this stage of life, maybe these observations will bring a pleasant reminder of previous years. Either way, these will be less a pedagogy than a chance to consider what cycling offers a child—Padraig. 


The first time I ever saw my son Philip ride an el scooter, he was 22 months old. We were at our neighborhood park and I was sitting on a bench when he came zipping by me. The scene was clown-car comical. He was small enough the handlebar stood at his chin. It was a bit like watching a Chihuahua ride a tricycle, but only if the Chihuahua had the energy of a hummingbird and the grin of a Jack ‘o Lantern.

This scooter was a three-wheeled version that features two wheels in front and one in back, which was unusual; most three-wheeled scooters placed two-wheels in back, like a tricycle. For small kids, this was a problem because with their short legs, the foot they pushed off with would bump into one of the rear wheels. By positioning two wheels in front, this allowed him to push his short legs without his foot hitting a rear wheel.

Within in minutes he had the thing wired. He was doing laps around the play structure and turning both left and right with ease. I was equal parts dumbfounded and proud. Watching him was every bit as entertaining as the final 5 kilometers of Tour de France stage. I figured there was only one thing to do.


After lunch we went to Toys ‘R’ Us and I purchased a razor scooter. I figured if he’d managed to master the three-wheel scooter in a matter of minutes, I ought to go for something that would challenge him. A man’s child’s reach should exceed his grasp, right?

Not lost on me was the fact that once he figured out how to turn the razor scooter, he’d have learned to countersteer, arguably the single most important skill necessary for riding a bicycle.

Initially, the razor scooter was a frustration for him. It didn’t stand up on its own, which meant he had to hold it upright in order to go anywhere. While you and I may not think about that if we hop on one, what it means is that for someone new to coordinated efforts—this kid had been walking for slightly more than six months—a razor scooter required him to push something and hold it up and steer it. Not to mention that he needed to have enough balance that at slow speeds he didn’t immediately fall over. His first efforts on the three-wheeled scooter required only pushing. He added steering a few minutes later. But with the razor scooter, holding the scooter up was part of the steering and not something he could check out on. Considering toddlers have an attention span shorter than some TV ads, that’s a big ask.


He wanted to put his foot on the scooter and simply rest his hands on the handlebar after picking it up. That didn’t work, which meant his first attempts at riding it lasted less than 10 feet. He’d make a few attempts, get frustrated, then do something else. After an hour or so, he’d ask for the scooter and give it another try and quickly, the frustration would return.

This went on for three days. I wasn’t seeing any improvement and after the second day I became afraid that I’d really miscalculated his ability to conquer a challenge. I began to feel guilty, that perhaps I was being some sort of Little League parent and expecting far more of him than was reasonable.

Then, for reasons I can’t fathom, on the afternoon of the third day, he picked the scooter up, grabbed the handlebar with a bit of conviction and pushed off. He didn’t go far before falling, but I could see that something had clicked. Three days. After feeling guilty for expecting too much of him, I whiplashed into elation and wonder. Had he mastered the razor scooter on his first outing, I’d probably never have thought about just how difficult a skill that was for a not-yet-two-year-old child to develop.


Honestly, he fell loads in that first month. He got skinned up, bruised up. But he had a degree of determination in him that I’d previously glimpsed when he first stood, cruised, walked and, yes, climbed out of bed. This kid wanted to go places.

Naturally, he became interested in greater speed and the effect of gravity. Actually, I think that isn’t quite the case. Many people would look at how he behaved and say exactly that. What I’ve learned about our brains, about play, about what it is we chase, tells me that he wasn’t interested in speed for its own sake, and gravity was less a toy than a problem to master. What he was chasing was fun. Fun contains whoosh, it contains down, it contains turns that sparkle with the pull of physics.

Of course, talk to a five-year-old about dopamine, norepinephrine and endorphins and he’ll look at you like you’ve completely missed the point. Those words aren’t the thing. The thing is the thing. You chase not the idea, but the feeling.


Which is to say that I took him to the skatepark. He renamed it the “ramp park” and it became the thing he asked to do most weekends. He took to the slopes and ramps like a cat to carpet. His understanding was less implicit than instinctual. Indeed, the toughest lesson I had to teach him was to look around for other skaters. Working in his favor was the fact that as the only sub-three-foot person at the park, he was a curiosity and the other skaters were both considerate and understanding of him, not to mention fairly amused. After watching him scream down the face of one slope a nickname from my skating days came floating back: Mini-Shred. Yep, that’s a fit.

So now a confession. I have an agenda. Unlike a great many parents who think they are God’s gift to parenting, the first ever in the history of the world to do right by their offspring, I’m under no such delusion. I don’t see myself as a great parent. I get a half dozen things wrong every day, and those are my good days.

My agenda is simple. I want Philip to get a feel for what it means to be good at something. I think in chasing fun, he has the opportunity to connect the dots between curiosity, hard work and excellence. Once those dots are connected, his ability to plug that entire set of data points into how he defines fun is all the guide he’ll need. What I’ve learned of flow states has convinced me that if he has plenty of flow in his life, he won’t want for satisfaction in his life.

Quick Internet Marketing Guide to Skyrocket online Business

Quick Internet Marketing Guide to Skyrocket online Business

Today the Internet offers lots of various articles about the existing digital marketing tools, but most of them do not explain how to use all these tools within your digital strategy. In this article we will discuss general rules of usage of different digital marketing strategies and tools.

First of all remember not to let the word ‘digital’ make you scared, because in the matter of fact there is almost no difference in planning a digital marketing strategy or creating a plan for an offline marketing strategy. With no doubt, online marketing strategy has different tools for you to offer but according to the experts from ICM Consulting the input and output goals formula negócio online funciona will be relatively the same in both cases. In this article we present you a step by step guide on the basics of creating a plan and implementing it into a new digital marketing strategy

The Idea

Just like with most things in this world, you have to first of all come up with an idea. In our case it should clarify what you want to achieve in the end by implementing your own strategy. Here is a list of questions that you need to ask yourself and answer before beginning to construct the strategy.

  • What are the main objectives you strive for?
  • How will you later on measure your success?
  • What are your KPIs?
  • What areas you believe require improvement?
  • What resources do you currently have and how can you utilize and develop them?
  • What approach do you need to take in order to reach your audience?

Strategy Type


After you have decided on what you actually want to achieve in the end from your strategy, experts from ICM Consulting – digital marketing company advise to begin your research and analyze a number of factors that can have any effect on your strategy. Some of them include:

  • Make a research on your target market and customer attributes
  • Research the industry placement and trends
  • Explore digital channels
  • Come up with a SWOT analysis of your current situation
  • Discovering behavior of your competitors


Now you have the foundation of your strategy: your ideas and basic analysis. Now you need to remember one of the most important rules of digital marketing: do not rush. The strategy you are creating and planning to use should be made and then out into life with longevity and measurability to reach the desirable results. In another case it totally defeats the purpose of having one in the first place.

Make sure that your ideas and analysis perfectly reflect the objectives of the strategy you choose. At this level, after you have come up with answers to the initial questionnaire written above and you should have the ideas and decisions on the following:

  • Your Main Objectives
  • The Strategy for Managing and Maintaining
  • Implementation of Various Tools (for example Google Analytics)
  • Goal Settings
  • Strategy Positioning
  • Method or Methods of Achieving Set Objectives


As you know, modern digital environment changes pretty rapidly, it means that you are required to have a lot of time and do tons of management to keep up to the fast changing world. If you do not know where to begin or stuck at some level of your plan, you can always consult professionals or check online services, such as Seologist ecommerce SEO services, in order to keep your strategy fresh and reactive to all the external influences. The main rule – do not stop if you want to win!

How do Loans work?

How do Loans work?

When you borrow money in the form of a loan, you will need to pay back the amount you borrowed plus interest. This repayment typically occurs over the life of your loan, whether that’s three years or 30 years.

Before you sign the agreement to get your loan, it’s useful to understand exactly how your payment will be applied to your loan over time. Take a look.

A loan is a commitment that you (the borrower) will receive money from a lender, and you will pay back the total borrowed, with added interest, over a defined time period. The terms of each loan are defined in a contract provided by the lender. Secured loans are låna 1000 kr snabbt where borrowers can put up an asset (like a house) as collateral. This gives the lender more confidence in the loan. Unsecured loans are loans approved without collateral, so the lender takes on more risk.

How Is Interest Calculated?

The interest rate is the proportion of a loan that borrower pays in addition to the principal due. Think of it as the fee you pay to the lender for using its money. As with loans, there are many different flavors of interest rates offered:

Simple: The most clear-cut, simple rates are just multiplied to the principal at each payment period to find the interest due. For example, if you borrow $2,000 from a family member and they ask for 5% interest when you repay them for the loan in a year, at the end of that year you would owe them $2100.

Compound: Common for credit cards and savings accounts, compound rates charge interest on the principal and on previously earned interest. For example, if you borrow $2,000 at a rate of 5% over a year, you would owe $100 in interest in the first year. In the second year, you would owe $2,205, as you would calculate a 5% interest payment on $2,100 that year.

Amortized: Amortized loans are designed so the borrower pays a larger amount of interest, rather than the principal, at the beginning of the loan. Over time the amount of principal in each payment will increase, widdling down the principal and amount of interest charged on the principal. While the payments due stay the same over the years, what the payment goes toward (principal vs. interest) shifts during the life of the loan. These are popular for car or home loans.

Fixed: A fixed rate will be defined upfront and stay the same over the term of the loan. This makes budgeting for payments predictable.

Variable: Variable (or adjustable) rates change over the life of the loan to reflect changes in the market interest rate. This means that the interest rate for your loan could go down or up over the term of your loan.

How Does a Loan Payment Work?

Loans are paid in pre-defined increments over the term defined. Say you make monthly payments towards your car loan, each payment will cover the interest due and some amount of the principal. The more money you can apply to a payment means more principal you knock out in each payment. Paying down your principal and wrapping up a loan quickly means you can save money you would have spent on interest payments.

To learn more about features Earnest offers to clients repaying loans with us, please see ‘Repaying Student Loans with Earnest: 7 Amazing Things You Can Do as a Client‘. 

How Do Payments Change Over The Life Of A Loan?

As the principal due on the loan gets smaller with each payment, less interest accrues. This means that over time you will see less and less of your monthly payment going to interest payments, and more to the principal still due. This is easiest to see in 15 or 30-year loans that shift gradually over a longer time period.

What Loan Products Does Earnest Offer?

Student Loan Refinancing: Student loan refinancing allows borrowers to adjust the interest rate of loans they took out to finance an education. This adjusted rate better reflects their current financial standing. This is a good choice for people who have seen advances in their income, career, or credit score since they were in school.

Personal Loans: A personal loan lets people borrow money for a set timeframe (known as the loan term), and pay it back in even monthly payments. We offer unsecured loans, meaning there is no asset/property that can be reclaimed by the lender.

How to Clean/Couch Sofa?

Auto Draft

My grandmother lined all of her furniture with plastic. During the summer, it was the easily the worst thing in the world to sit on (or stick to), and it was just as uncomfortably cold and stiff during the winter months. It was so bad that I used to sit on the floor. To this day, even though I have two perfectly comfortable cloth couches in my home, I prefer to sit on the floor.

What I realize now is that Grandma did that to minimize the amount of time she needed to spend cleaning her couches. I don’t know exactly how well it worked, but since that very same couch and loveseat set are now in the family room at my parents’ house (sans horrific freak plastic) some 20 years later, and still very comfortable and pristine, I’d say it worked fairly well. So, while plastic is a viable way to keep a couch clean and safe, you may want to rethink that option, unless you want your guests sitting on your floor.

Cleaning Different Types of Couches

    1. Cleaning couches made of cloth or microfiber. If you have an immediate need to spot clean your sofa, check out the article How to Clean Upholstery for cloth couches orHow to Clean Microfiber for microfiber couches. If all you’re wanting is a routine cleaning, keep reading. Start by removing any pillows or decorative blankets from your couch.
    2. Steps for cleaning a cloth couch. Sprinkle a healthy dusting of a fresh container of baking soda over your couch. Let that sit for an hour or two to absorb any smells. Once the baking soda has had a chance to do its job, use the hose attachment of your vacuum to get the baking soda off the couch. If you have a particularly smelly region, such as where a pet may have marked his territory, pour baking soda directly onto the spot. Lay down a layer thick enough that you can’t see the couch beneath. Cover it with a cotton cloth so it won’t be disturbed, and let it sit overnight. The next morning, vacuum it up. That should take care of the problem. If not, check out How to Clean Urine.
    3. Cleaning couches made of leather. This process is a little trickier, but it’s not rocket science. In depth coverage is handled in the article How to Clean Leather, but I’ll give you an abbreviated version here. Before you go whole hog on the cleaning, you’ll want to test on a patch of leather that’s out of view to see if there is any damage or discoloration. Start by gathering a mild dish detergent or hand soap, olive oil, room temperature tap water, and a few clean cloths.
  1. Steps for cleaning a leather couch. Take one of your rags, soak it completely, and squeeze it out so that it’s merely damp. Add a few drops of a very mild soap of your choice (I recommend using Seventh Generation hand wash) to the rag, and work it into the rag. You’ll also want to prep another damp cloth for wiping up the soapy residue. Proceed to scrub the couch clean, and then wipe the soapy residue away with your fresh, damp cloth. Use a third, dry cloth to wipe up any remaining water or soap. It’s a good idea to treat your leather couch with a few drops of olive oil on a dry rag, and rubbing it into the couch. I said a few drops. Too much oil will cause your leather to become greasy and slick.
  2. Cleaning couches made of suede. Suede is the mother of all couch cleaning problems. They are expensive enough to begin with, and getting a suede couch professionally cleaned is very costly. My best advice is to not panic if something soils your suede couch. Take a deep breath before you begin. For a more in depth article, please read How to Clean Suede. I will describe a shortened version of the method here.
  3. Steps for cleaning a suede couch. This is going to be a long process, so stick with me. Deodorize use the baking soda method I describe in the cloth couch section above. For straight up cleaning, you’re going to need a suede brush and suede eraser. If you don’t have these items and you own a suede couch, you’ll want to go out right now and purchase them. These two things will be invaluable for the life of your couch. First, use the suede brush to get nap nice and fuzzy. Once that is done, use the suede eraser on the affected area. For spills, blot the excess liquid with a towel, taking care not to press too hard otherwise you will set the stain, and let it dry. Follow that with the suede brush and eraser process. For deep set stains, you can use a fine grain sandpaper to buff it out, but be very cautious or risk damaging your couch.