Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use

So lastly, the brand new Conflict Royale card, Rascals, is right here, developing with the particular Rascals Draft Problem!

On this web page, we’re amassing one of the best suggestions and methods for you guys to get 12 wins within the Problem, and naturally, to get that vast pack of the Rascals.

Card Abstract

The Rascals card may be unlocked from Enviornment 9.

This card deploys a bunch of three models: A Rascal boy and a couple of Rascal Women. This may be thought-about as a reduced Knight + Archers combo.

Rascal Boy is single goal melee unit with average HP and harm. Clash Royale Gems Generator Rascal Women are additionally single-target models with medium assault vary, low HP and average harm.

The Rascal boy is mainly a Mini-Tank wielding a picket sword whereas Rascal Women are squishy ranged assist wielding slingshots with Double Bother Gum because the projectile.

Collectively, they counter one another weak point and thus, can show to be very robust, particularly when over-levelled on the ladder.

The deployment is all the time a the boy within the entrance and the women behind.

Suggestions for Rascals Draft Problem

Listed here are some playing cards that can work nice with the Rascals within the Problem. Choose them In case you have the possibility.

Synergies with Rascals

Hog Rider

Rascals and this dangerous boy may be dope. With R.Boy’s Excessive HP and R.Women’ Excessive DPS, it’s a good combo.


Tank + Help + Graveyard. Basic. Not a lot to say right here. Can be utilized when opponent is low on elixir or when one tower down.

Siege Buildings

Mortar and X-bow each can be benefitted with Launch of Rascals as its gonna be cheaper to guard your buildings.


Play Rascals. Watch for opponent to make use of The Log. Throw in Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang. Ah, the sensation.

Defensive Synergies

AoE playing cards

Neither the R.Boy nor the R.Woman deal splash. So, having AoE playing cards is important for the Rascals to trigger menace.

Ice Spirit

Freeze for 1 sec to make the Rascals do their job in a neater approach.

Air Swarms

Tank with Rascals and Spank with Bats, Minions and Minion Horde. The Air and Floor combo additionally makes this difficult to counter in your aspect of the map.

How you can counters to Rascals?

Basic technique to counter

The overall technique to counter Rascals is just taking out the R.Women after which specializing in R.Boy. Deal with R.Boy as simply one other melee tank and use simply the conventional playing cards you employ to kill them.

Right here, I can be speaking about playing cards which counter Rascals 1v1 (with the assistance of Crown Tower) and never card combos.


These particularly embrace Minion Horde, Skeleton Military, Barbarians and Goblin Gang.

With excessive DPS, these can deal with Rascals with ease.

Nonetheless, watch out for Spells or Splash Troops.

Melee Troops

These particularly embrace Mini P.E.Okay.Okay.A, Valkyrie, Prince, Darkish Prince, Lumberjack, Evening Witch, Knight.

Undecided in regards to the interplay with Bandit and Royal Ghost but.

Usually, place them behind the R.Women and kill them (as they’re the upper DPS models) after which it’s only a battle between your troop and the R.Boy which somewhat straightforward as he can’t dish out a lot harm and the battle is in your aspect of the world.

Splash Troops

These particularly embrace Bowler, Executioner, Witch, Wizard.

With their Splash Injury they’ll take concurrently hit all the three models.

Bomb Tower:

Can one shot the R.Women whereas the R.Boy would die quickly sufficient.



You should use him first to kill R.Women by putting him behind them and let R.Boy come shut sufficient for Hunter to have the ability to do max harm.

Or one other tactic, is to make use of Hunter’s vary and splash by putting him on the centre.

Thus, he can be utilized as a Melee Troop or a Splash Troop.

Barbarian Barrel

The Barrel can itself deal with the R.Women whereas the Barbarian can deal with the R.Boy.

Nonetheless, the R.Boy has excessive well being he could find yourself killing the Barbarian and get couple of hits off the tower.