Event Staffing: How to Build an All-Star Events Team

Event Staffing: How to Build an All-Star Events Team

Common challenges of building an events team

Rule number one of building an events team: Don’t act like a superhero. Much as you might try, you can’t carry the burden of your entire event alone. Whether your team is small but mighty, or large and in charge, it’s your job to hire a team who can get the job done. Unfortunately, putting together an events team isn’t always simple. Read on for three common challenges of building a team — and what you can do to ease the stress.

Mistakes event owners can easily avoid

Managing an events team is time consuming — and expensive. Here are three common mistakes you can easily avoid when building your events team.

The roles you need on your team

Whether your event has 100 or 100,000 attendees, your core events team will always be working hard. Regardless of the size of your staff, here’s how your core team should be built. Keep in mind that for large events, each of these roles might lead their own sub-teams; for smaller events, one person might play more than one of these roles.

Filling out your team

If you’re a large festival or multi-day conference, you might have resources to hire additional full-time staff. If you’re a small pop-up, you can hire Temp Agencies
other roles as part-time positions.

How to find your next hire

Ten years ago, word of mouth was really the only way to find candidates. Event management wasn’t really considered a profession, so resumes weren’t being passed around. But over the years, live event experiences have gained more respect in the industry. In fact, some brands have a branch of their company where live events are a huge part of their revenue.

Interview questions for your next hire

Once you’ve found viable candidates, how do you make sure you hire the very best? Industry veterans Joel Strycharz, senior field operations manager at Eventbrite, and Tommy Goodwin, director of field services at Eventbrite share their secrets to hiring the best events professionals. Read on to find out the questions you should ask when hiring the next member of your events team.

Clickfunnel creating Tips from Experts

Auto Draft

3. Host paid content.

I know a few online course creators who were having trouble figuring out how to make their premium online courses in WordPress accessible to specific people who bought the course.

The thing is… WordPress sucks for selling. It’s made for blogging, not selling.

Clickfunnels pricing, on the other hand, was built to sell.

It lets you host your paid content like exclusive video training, templates, checklists, blueprints, and more.

You can then share it with your premium clients via a secret URL.

How cool is that?

You can do this by creating a membership funnel.

Once you go to ClickFunnels login page and sign in, just click “+ Create Funnel”.

Then select “Membership Funnel” and click the “+ Create Funnel”button:


You should then give the funnel a name.


Choose the template you want for each step.

You can then change the look of the pages and add lessons and courses.

Now you can limit the access to only those who bought a certain product from your sales funnel.

4. Build a webinar funnel.

Every minute 13 new webinars start somewhere on the planet.

Nah, I made that up.

But kidding aside…

…webinars are everywhere. It’s hard to miss them.

Almost every online marketer and entrepreneurs are hosting webinars, so you can bet they’re something useful for the business.

In fact, webinars are among the top lead generation strategies for B2Bs:


The great thing about webinars is they can give you a quick authority boost that you need for clients to trust you.

Because if you’re a guy willing to spend hours talking about a topic, then you must know what you’re talking about!

Webinars will also bring you more qualified leads since those who are interested in what you have to say are also more likely interested in working with or buying from you.

Take a look at how effective webinar is in every step of the sales process:


There’s just one problem:

Creating a webinar funnel can be so time-consuming.

A simple webinar funnel consists of a signup page, email confirmation, confirmation page, webinar details page, and a webinar host integration.

Here’s an example of a webinar funnel

There’s a lot going on there…

Not to mention that you also have to focus on creating great webinar content and marketing your webinar.

Still there?

But the good news is:

You can create all of these parts right inside your ClickFunnels dashboard.

Here’s an example of how it can look like:


I won’t show you exactly how to set up a webinar funnel, but if you’re interested, you can learn the basic steps of creating a webinar funnel with ClickFunnels here.

Now let’s see another interesting funnel that you can quickly create in ClickFunnels:

5. Create a High Ticket Coaching Funnel

How do you get people to happily pay you $1000 per coaching session?

It’s not so much about being an expert as it is about marketing yourself the right way.

And a huge part of marketing yourself is your sales funnel.

If you’re a high ticket coach or would love to start a high-ticket coaching business, here’s a good news:

ClickFunnels is the ultimate funnel creator you need.

High ticket coaching is a particularly tough niche to crack.

You need to get every step right – so each step of the sales funnel should seamlessly work together to cement you as the ONE person your clients need to solve their problem.

Now here’s what you need to know:

The goal of any high ticket coaching funnel is to get your potential client to call you.

Because it’s waaaay easier to close a sale when the client is calling you versus the other way around.

Here’s a sample high-ticket coaching sales funnel:


You can easily create such a funnel with ClickFunnels templates.

Once you create your funnel, you can launch a Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook ads + ClickFunnels = winning high ticket coaching funnel combo.

If you want to learn how to create a high ticket coaching funnel with ClickFunnels, check this out.

And here’s a case study of Winning International’s highly successful high ticket coaching funnel with a 4,034% ROI.

Now let’s proceed to the somehow different way you can earn more using clickFunnels:

How to Become an Entrepreneur

How to Become an Entrepreneur

These days, we’re all looking for something outside of the status quo, the rinse and repeat.  If you’re wondering how to become an entrepreneur, this article is a great place to start. Some entrepreneurs make their mark in the world at very early ages from as young as 15. To cite an example, tech whiz-kid, Elon Musk, who hails from sunny South Africa, co-founded a company (Zip2) at the tender age of 24! His firm specialized in software development and it was purchased by computer industry giant, Compaq, just four years later. When the company sold, the co-founders (Musk and his brother) divided a staggering 341 million dollars in cash and stock options.

As you can see, anything is possible and Educomp Shantanu Prakash being young or old isn’t a deterrent to reaching the highest level of success. In fact, youthful and energy and spirit may be part of the reason why very young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 25 frequently bust through obstacles and achieve their goals! Additionally, you’ll be astonished to know that most men and women achieve their ultimate desired level of financial and career success between the ages of 40-68 years of age (Study from March 2014).

If you want to get past the “go to college, get a job” mindset, you’ll find that thinking outside of the box (with regard to entrepreneurship and/or investment) is the key to building wealth and gaining respect because people respect those who build something from the ground up despite any struggles that life throws at them.

While the secret of how to become an entrepreneur is often sheer drive, coupled with particular knowledge in a specific niche (or a truly ingenious idea!), there are some tips to keep in mind.

When combined with your own will, talent and hard work, these tips may just give you the power to become the next Mark Zuckerberg (whom does not have a college degree by the way).

Put Your Ego Aside

You Can Be Right


You Can Be Rich.

Those who dream big in terms of business often have a healthy self-worth which match their ambitions and their results. However, entrepreneurs who want to make a huge and sustained impact do need to learn how to put their immature egos on the back-burner for a while. Building a new company is all about creating a team and any team needs to function effectively as a cohesive unit, allowing yourself to trust in others performance and work.

When considering your prospective company, be aware that proper team-building will require the creation of corporate culture and that you will be responsible for setting the tone for your team. Great corporate culture is all about making employees feel valued, heard and respected.

Google is one example of a company which does have a superlative and world-renowned corporate culture. Google execs spend plenty of time trying to make their staff members happy, by promoting ethical and positive corporate values and by providing a host of perks, from free Starbucks coffee to sleep pods (for power naps!) and beyond. These execs surely have egos, but they downplay them in order to support their underlings and build a wonderful team. This is a valuable lesson in how to be an entrepreneur.

So, do think about how to build corporate culture early on. Doing so will also help you to attract the right sort of talent.

As you can see, it’s more important to show up than to show off! Creating corporate culture at your start-up will demonstrate your devotion to the well-being of your employees, whether there is one staff member or plenty, and it will define the core values of the company. It’s also a great foundation for growth and for preparing to market a corporate image successfully.

How to Invest with Little Capital

Entrepreneurship takes many forms. Some savvy entrepreneurs build capital and position themselves for extremely successful futures via investment. In other words, a young investor will learn how to become an entrepreneur by putting his or her money into ventures or stocks which have the potential to generate great profits in the future.

For this reason, developing the ability to spot viable investment opportunities will be one important aspect of how to become an entrepreneur. Usually, spotting opportunities happens after extensive research. We believe that you’ll learn how to make your own economy by analyzing and spotting opportunities in front of you and then deciding where (not if) and how to invest. Some people have a natural talent for spotting investment opportunities, while others may need a hand.  Here at Sirius Design Group, we offer FREE Video Conference Consultations via Skype to answer any questions you may have about a wide variety of Entrepreneurship opportunities.

No matter which type of entrepreneur you are, be certain to do your homework before putting money into an investment opportunity. It’s always a gamble, but you may boost the odds of winning by knowing exactly what you’re getting into…

In terms of saving money, you should always save to invest money, never save just to save money. You’ll always want to invest into things that will yield the highest Return on Investment, and Digital Real Estate is a good place to start because you can start a profiting business for less than it takes to buy a used Ford Focus!

Find a Mentor

Another tip on how to become an entrepreneur is to find a mentor online or in our community! In the digital age, it is very easy to reach out to worthy candidates. Once you find a mentor, you’ll be ready to learn how to become an entrepreneur from someone who really knows the drill.

Mentors are willing to share lots of practical business tips and advice with ambitious college grads – they do so in order to support business development in their own communities. Finding a great mentor will also help you to make important business connections which may pay off for you down the line.

Make Debt Pay You

Finally, consider the debt that you take on and then avoid debt that doesn’t pay off for you in some way. For example, if you’re going to put together a start-up company and you need a loan of any kind including a credit card, find one that offers AirMiles or some sort of points and incentives. You may use accumulated Air Miles in order to fly to important meetings in other places down the road. Finding ways to make debt pay off for you will help you to gain a foothold and stay on track with your start-up budget. One of the best things to do, as a student, is take a portion of your student loan and invest it into something like Digital Real Estate or the startup of a company because down the road it can be a major tax write off!



1) Scroll down until you find WHMCS in the menu on the left.

2) Click WHMCS.

This Overview page shows you information about the software before installing.

3) Click Install.

The default settings here should work for most purposes.

If you have multiple domains on one account, you can select where to install.

The next two boxes let you set the directory and data directory which will be created upon installation.

Under Settings, you can set the Company Name and Email.

Before you can use the WHMCS Theme, you must have a valid license key.

4) Click this link to get a trial license.

5) Type your First and Last Name in these boxes.

6) Now enter your Company Name, if you have one.

7) Continue to fill out the form as completely as possible.

8) Click Signup.

The trial key will have been mailed to the email address you provided while signing up. Go to your email and find the message containing the key before continuing.

9) Copy your trial key here.

Enter the UsernamePasswordFirst and Last Name, and Email for the admin account.

10) Click Install.

After a moment, the software will be installed.

11) To view your new site, click this link.

Here is our new installation of WHMCS. If you used a trial key, you will be able to test out the software for 15 days before you must purchase a license.

Quick Internet Marketing Guide to Skyrocket online Business

Quick Internet Marketing Guide to Skyrocket online Business

Today the Internet offers lots of various articles about the existing digital marketing tools, but most of them do not explain how to use all these tools within your digital strategy. In this article we will discuss general rules of usage of different digital marketing strategies and tools.

First of all remember not to let the word ‘digital’ make you scared, because in the matter of fact there is almost no difference in planning a digital marketing strategy or creating a plan for an offline marketing strategy. With no doubt, online marketing strategy has different tools for you to offer but according to the experts from ICM Consulting the input and output goals formula negócio online funciona will be relatively the same in both cases. In this article we present you a step by step guide on the basics of creating a plan and implementing it into a new digital marketing strategy

The Idea

Just like with most things in this world, you have to first of all come up with an idea. In our case it should clarify what you want to achieve in the end by implementing your own strategy. Here is a list of questions that you need to ask yourself and answer before beginning to construct the strategy.

  • What are the main objectives you strive for?
  • How will you later on measure your success?
  • What are your KPIs?
  • What areas you believe require improvement?
  • What resources do you currently have and how can you utilize and develop them?
  • What approach do you need to take in order to reach your audience?

Strategy Type


After you have decided on what you actually want to achieve in the end from your strategy, experts from ICM Consulting – digital marketing company advise to begin your research and analyze a number of factors that can have any effect on your strategy. Some of them include:

  • Make a research on your target market and customer attributes
  • Research the industry placement and trends
  • Explore digital channels
  • Come up with a SWOT analysis of your current situation
  • Discovering behavior of your competitors


Now you have the foundation of your strategy: your ideas and basic analysis. Now you need to remember one of the most important rules of digital marketing: do not rush. The strategy you are creating and planning to use should be made and then out into life with longevity and measurability to reach the desirable results. In another case it totally defeats the purpose of having one in the first place.

Make sure that your ideas and analysis perfectly reflect the objectives of the strategy you choose. At this level, after you have come up with answers to the initial questionnaire written above and you should have the ideas and decisions on the following:

  • Your Main Objectives
  • The Strategy for Managing and Maintaining
  • Implementation of Various Tools (for example Google Analytics)
  • Goal Settings
  • Strategy Positioning
  • Method or Methods of Achieving Set Objectives


As you know, modern digital environment changes pretty rapidly, it means that you are required to have a lot of time and do tons of management to keep up to the fast changing world. If you do not know where to begin or stuck at some level of your plan, you can always consult professionals or check online services, such as Seologist ecommerce SEO services, in order to keep your strategy fresh and reactive to all the external influences. The main rule – do not stop if you want to win!

How do Loans work?

How do Loans work?

When you borrow money in the form of a loan, you will need to pay back the amount you borrowed plus interest. This repayment typically occurs over the life of your loan, whether that’s three years or 30 years.

Before you sign the agreement to get your loan, it’s useful to understand exactly how your payment will be applied to your loan over time. Take a look.

A loan is a commitment that you (the borrower) will receive money from a lender, and you will pay back the total borrowed, with added interest, over a defined time period. The terms of each loan are defined in a contract provided by the lender. Secured loans are låna 1000 kr snabbt where borrowers can put up an asset (like a house) as collateral. This gives the lender more confidence in the loan. Unsecured loans are loans approved without collateral, so the lender takes on more risk.

How Is Interest Calculated?

The interest rate is the proportion of a loan that borrower pays in addition to the principal due. Think of it as the fee you pay to the lender for using its money. As with loans, there are many different flavors of interest rates offered:

Simple: The most clear-cut, simple rates are just multiplied to the principal at each payment period to find the interest due. For example, if you borrow $2,000 from a family member and they ask for 5% interest when you repay them for the loan in a year, at the end of that year you would owe them $2100.

Compound: Common for credit cards and savings accounts, compound rates charge interest on the principal and on previously earned interest. For example, if you borrow $2,000 at a rate of 5% over a year, you would owe $100 in interest in the first year. In the second year, you would owe $2,205, as you would calculate a 5% interest payment on $2,100 that year.

Amortized: Amortized loans are designed so the borrower pays a larger amount of interest, rather than the principal, at the beginning of the loan. Over time the amount of principal in each payment will increase, widdling down the principal and amount of interest charged on the principal. While the payments due stay the same over the years, what the payment goes toward (principal vs. interest) shifts during the life of the loan. These are popular for car or home loans.

Fixed: A fixed rate will be defined upfront and stay the same over the term of the loan. This makes budgeting for payments predictable.

Variable: Variable (or adjustable) rates change over the life of the loan to reflect changes in the market interest rate. This means that the interest rate for your loan could go down or up over the term of your loan.

How Does a Loan Payment Work?

Loans are paid in pre-defined increments over the term defined. Say you make monthly payments towards your car loan, each payment will cover the interest due and some amount of the principal. The more money you can apply to a payment means more principal you knock out in each payment. Paying down your principal and wrapping up a loan quickly means you can save money you would have spent on interest payments.

To learn more about features Earnest offers to clients repaying loans with us, please see ‘Repaying Student Loans with Earnest: 7 Amazing Things You Can Do as a Client‘. 

How Do Payments Change Over The Life Of A Loan?

As the principal due on the loan gets smaller with each payment, less interest accrues. This means that over time you will see less and less of your monthly payment going to interest payments, and more to the principal still due. This is easiest to see in 15 or 30-year loans that shift gradually over a longer time period.

What Loan Products Does Earnest Offer?

Student Loan Refinancing: Student loan refinancing allows borrowers to adjust the interest rate of loans they took out to finance an education. This adjusted rate better reflects their current financial standing. This is a good choice for people who have seen advances in their income, career, or credit score since they were in school.

Personal Loans: A personal loan lets people borrow money for a set timeframe (known as the loan term), and pay it back in even monthly payments. We offer unsecured loans, meaning there is no asset/property that can be reclaimed by the lender.