4 Ways To Make Your Car Run Faster While Going Uphill

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Going uphill when driving can be tough, and what’s even tougher is maintaining the speed of the car up there. Driving uphill is nothing less than a constant effort that requires focus and pro driving skills. The chances of rolling back are way higher than it seems. And that when one needs to control the vehicle properly. It might need you to train yourself a bit, but here is how you can make your car run faster while going uphill in easy ways.

How To Make Your Car Run Faster While Going Uphill In Easy Ways?

While there are quite a few ways to do that, here are some that needs to be followed as soon as you drive uphill.

1. Accelerate, But Slowly

It is all about controlling the car appropriately when uphill. It is mandatory to gas up the Car Rental Dubai properly while driving upwards. But as you constantly have your foot on the accelerator doesn’t mean you need constantly need to speed up the car. Just maintain a safe speed and don’t speed up too much if you want to drive faster yet safer while you are driving uphill. Also, when pressing the accelerator, be sure to do it steadily and gently rather than just pushing the accelerator hard. This is how you make your car run faster while going uphill.

Just put your right foot on slowly


2. Release The Clutch Slowly

Don’t step off the clutch too quickly. Release it slowly and you will see how your car runs smoothly uphill. The process of releasing the clutch would be slow which will be followed by the vehicle acceleration. Shifting to lower gear would do, but that should be done slowly too. When releasing clutch slow, make sure gently press the accelerator. You will have to balance the RPM when uphill, so press the gas pedal constantly to ensure that your car is running faster when driving uphill. Reading driving tips online to understand this would surely help.

3. Speed Up Until You Reach the Crest

When you are at the crest of the hill, slow down the speed and then drive at that constant speed. Slow down at the peak, so that when you begin to move downwards, your car just don’t drive too fast downwards. Chances of hidden cars, cyclists, and even some road hazards are far beyond the crest of the hill. Therefore, it is always better to slow down the vehicle and look for possible hindrances that may halt the movement of your vehicle. Besides there might even be those turns and twists that may come in the way while you are at the top. So, you will have to gas up when going upwards, but then slowing down will be the right thing to do at the peak.

4. Properly Maintained Vehicle Will Do

No vehicle that doesn’t work properly will take you uphill at the speed you want. For instance, if your car’s engine will be able to perform its best? No! Likewise, if there are issues in the tires, exhaust, or any other system of the vehicle, it wouldn’t be possible for even any good driver to drive uphill normally. Therefore, for faster driving uphill, it is important to take a well maintained vehicle.

Pay a visit to the mechanic if something seems wrong when going uphill


This is how you can make your car run faster while going uphill. Just follow these points and you will be driving a speedy vehicle uphill.



Everyone gets anxious from time to time. It is a normal emotion.

But anxiety disorders are different. They are a group of mental illnesses, and the difficulty they cause can cause disruptions to a person’s day-to-day life.

People who have an anxiety disorder have fears and worries that are overwhelming, constant, and even disabling.


Anxiety disorder is a general term that includes a number of different conditions including the following:


This is also known as a social phobia where individuals feel self-consciousness and overwhelming worry about normal, everyday social situations. They focus on others judging them or being ridiculed or embarrassed.


Individuals feel terror that strikes at random. During a panic attack, they may have chest pain, sweat, and feel palpitations (which are irregular or unusually strong heartbeats). They may also feel like they are choking or experiencing a heart attack.


Individuals feel an intense fear of a specific situation or object, such as spiders or heights. The fear goes above what is appropriate and may even cause individuals to avoid ordinary situations.


Individuals feel unrealistic, excessive tension and worry with little or no reason to explain why.

Researchers still do not know exactly what brings on anxiety disorders. They arise from a combination of things including environmental stress, changes in the brain, and even genetics.


General symptoms of anxiety disorders include the following:

  • Sleep problems
  • Fear, panic, and uneasiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tense muscles
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Not being able to stay still or calm
  • Heart palpitations
  • Cold, numb, sweaty or tingling hands or feet

But, how can you treat anxiety?


Early research shows encouraging signs that cannabis may relieve anxiety. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis plants.

CBD oil Canada is said to work with a brain receptor known as CB1. These receptors are tiny proteins attached to a person’s cells. They help the cells respond to chemical signals from different stimuli.

Although not completely understood how CBD affects the CB1 receptor, it is thought that it alters serotonin signals. It is the serotonin that plays a role in your mental health, and not having enough of it can cause anxiety for many people.

The conventional treatment of low serotonin levels is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac or Zoloft. But for many people, cannabis oil is a natural, alternative way to manage anxiety.

Studies have also shown some benefits of CBD for treating anxiety in response to other forms of anxiety such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and anxiety-induced insomnia.

Your Business Should Absolutely Be Recording Calls and Here’s Why

Your Business Should Absolutely Be Recording Calls and Here’s Why

Previously an expensive solution requiring complicated hardware, call recording has since trickled down to become a feature offered in most, if not all, Business VoIP solutions. Thanks to the simplicity of a Hosted PBX platform, your business gains access to robust features like call recording without the headache and cost that previous came along with it.

In fact, call recording has become so common, we think it’s a must have feature for just about any business. Of course, call recording has become standard and a must-have for any contact center, but even businesses that focus less on customer contacts can still find a use from recording and keeping a log of all their calls.

To help your business understand if auto call service would be a helpful addition to your communications, we wanted to break down a number of use cases and benefits the feature can bring to the table.

Why Call Recording?

When it comes to Contact Centers, your business needs to be as agile as possible to respond to the ever-changing demands of customers. We live in a time where the customer experience is a critical part of any business that interacts with clients — if customers have bad experience, they’ll simply shop elsewhere.

At its simplest level, call recording can offer your business a way to ensure legal regulatory compliance, ensure company wide guideline compliance, and a way to monitor the customer experience as it unfolds in every single phone call your business takes. But beyond fulfilling the needs of a contact center, call recording can also be utilized by any business.

1. Training and Quality Assurance

So, as I already stated, the major use for call recording is within a contact center. Managers can listen in on recorded phone calls to ensure that agents are meeting quality standards to deliver the best customer experience possible.

They can ensure that the interactions your agents are having with customers meets that level of quality and satisfaction your business is striving for. When it comes to training, call recordings allow managers to find specific examples of what to do, and what not to do from factual, real life interactions.

Call recording can also help managers understand which agents might need extra training and guidance, with a glimpse into their performance as it actually occurred.

2. Enhance Your Product or Service

With call recording, your business can look back at previous interactions between agents and customers to form a better understand of how to improve the product or service your business offers.

By listening into support phone calls, product development and marketing teams can gain an insight on exactly what issues customers are having, and what pain points they experience.

This will allow these teams to gain greater insight, and understand how and where the product or service needs to be improved. These recordings again provide real life, factual interactions and highlight the real problems customers are facing.

3. Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses, particularly those in the medical field, as well as contact centers, have to abide by very specific regulatory compliance laws. For example, in the medical field, your business must follow HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure consumer and patient information is protected.

Call recordings allow managers and administrators to look into the exact interactions your business is having with customers and patients, and ensure that agents are following regulatory compliance laws as they need to be.

Again, this can also help managers determine which agents require training, or when and how to implement new regulations and guidance for agents to ensure compliance.

4. Capture Missed Details and Information

Even with modern CRM solutions that allow your agents to log every single piece of information for every single interaction, its entirely possible that something could fall between the cracks.

Agents still may have to manually input information and write notes on their tickets for each interaction. Human error is real, and its possible that an agent could forget to input the correct information, or maybe even completely forgot something the customer told them.

Call recordings allow your business to go back in time and listen to the interaction as they happened, offering an opportunity to find that missed information. This can help save time, and ensure the up-most accuracy.

5. Resolve Potential Disputes

Call recording can actually be your business’ strongest line of defense when it comes to any potential disputes between customers and clients. The litigation that could arise from a potential dispute could be absolutely crushing to a small business, and a head ache to even larger businesses.

Call recordings can help prevent any disastrous disputes, or prevent disputes from evolving into a lengthy and costly legal battle. Recordings of every single interaction will prevent disputes from turning into he-said/she-said battles, since the interaction and conversation was recorded.

Managers can go back and listen to the interaction to see what happened, and use that information to best resolve the dispute.

6. Build Customer Personas

Similar to the idea of improving your business’ products or services, call recordings can even help your business, specifically a marketing team, better understand who your customers are.

Recordings will allow these marketing teams to listen in on calls and interactions, and build out a persona and demographic profile for different customers.

For example, if one age group is always calling in asking about a similar product or promotion, your business can tailor future services and develop a marketing approach to capture this demographic, or alter the service to fit their needs better. Call recordings offer marketing teams the ability to gain a vast amount of insight from every day conversations and interactions.

Marketing Management – The ultimate guide

Marketing Management – The ultimate guide

The term Marketing management, though popular today, has a history which dates centuries back. The first trading system which was adopted by humanity was the barter system – a thing for a thing. However, money was later on established and it became the basic of all transactions.

As population grew and societies were formed, we entered in an industrial era. At this point, factories were established which manufactured goods, and it was expected that consumers will buy whatever was being manufactured. At such a point, there was no concept like segmentation, differentiation etc. It was purely a need based market. The factory manufactured what it could. And the consumer bought what he got.

Slowly but surely, things changed. More and more people saw that they could become manufacturers and therefore earn more money out of it. This led to the industrial revolution. Now when there was competition between factories, factories began to push customers into buying their product through personal selling. Many sales men were hired to propagate one companies product over the others.

Finally, some manufacturers came up with the brilliant idea, that instead of pushing the product to the customers, we could pull them to us. And this led to the birth of marketing management. A singular concept which has spawned millions of ideas, and billions of jobs over the last few decades. It is because of marketing management, that we buy what we buy in this civilized world of ours.

What is the need of marketing management?

The simplest explanation I have heard about the need of marketing is from Seth Godin. Seth Godin says, that when you are crossing texas, there are so many cows that you will not notice any of them till it is a purple cow. Hence his book was titled the purple cow which concentrated on the role of marketing in today’s competitive environment. There are many sub roles of marketing management. However the main role is to get customers and build profit for the company through use of marketing interactive simulation.

Marketing was not being “managed” initially. It was never a science. In fact, different companies did different analysis and implemented different plans. But as marketing grew, people started analysing the results better and they came to know, that one thing worked better than the other. The likes of Philip Kotler, Michael porter and many such academicians began studying marketing. And thus, the art, science and commerce of marketing management regularly began being used in our competitive market environment.

To understand what marketing management does, we have to understand the various roles which fall under the umbrella of a marketing manager. Here are a few of them.

Emerald Gemstone According To The All Zodiac Sign

Emerald Gemstone According To The All Zodiac Sign

The beauty of an Emerald gemstone is hard to miss. Known for its splendor and stunning green color, the emerald is a stone that brings extreme joy in the life of its wearer. As the Panna stone is associated with the planet Mercury, wearing it is believed to remove all the negative vibes that surround the wearer.

The emerald gem conveys the positive traits of the planet Mercury and assists one in business, education, communication, intelligence, as well as intuition.

Thanks to its several healing properties, the stone is also called as the “Healing Stone”. However, before you embrace the benefits offered by this stone, make sure to consult a reliable and experienced astrologer to know if this stone is going to bring positive or negative effects in your life.

For those who wish to know the effects of this wonderful stone on different zodiac signs, here is a quick description of its effects on all the zodiac signs.


The zodiac Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which doesn’t share an amicable relationship with the planet Mercury, the ruling planet of the Emerald stone. Thus, this gem is not suitable for Aries ascendants. If at all, you need to wear this gem, and you are an Aries native, then wear an energized Emerald gemstone only during the major periods of Mercury, particularly when the planet Mercury is in the 3rd and 6th house.


Taurus zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus, which shares an amicable relationship with the planet Mercury. Thus, Taurus ascendants can wear an emerald stone without any reluctance. Wearing an energized emerald can result in great wealth, success and spiritual advancement in the life of a Taurus native.


If you are a Gemini native, then you will be glad to know that you can wear an emerald stone all through your life, if Mercury is positioned in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th house. You can also wear this gem if Mercury is placed in the 8th house.


As the Cancer zodiac is ruled by the Moon, which doesn’t share a friendly relation with the planet Mercury, Cancer natives should only wear an emerald during the major period of Mercury or when it is positioned in the 3rd, 4th and 11th house.


The Sun governs Leo ascendants, and it also shares a friendly relation with the planet Mercury. Thus, Leo natives can wear emerald gemstone and experience benefits like immense wealth, good luck, popularity, wisdom, and happiness.


As the Virgo zodiac is ruled by the planet Mercury only, wearing an Emerald gemstone is highly beneficial for Virgo natives. Wearing this gem can fill the life of a Virgo ascendant with positive vibes of the planet Mercury.


Libra zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus, which shares a friendly equation with the planet Mercury. Thus, wearing an emerald is recommended for Libra natives.


The planet Mars rules Scorpio ascendants, and it shares an inauspicious relation with the planet Mercury. Thus, Scorpio natives must refrain from wearing an emerald as it could lead to some malefic effects.


Sagittarius zodiac is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which has an amicable relationship with the planet Mercury. Therefore, ascendants of this zodiac can wear an emerald gem and invite positivity in their lives.


As Capricorn natives are governed by the planet Saturn, which shares a healthy relationship with the planet Mercury, wearing an Emerald gemstone is advisable for Capricorn ascendants.


Just like Capricorn, Aquarius ascendants are also ruled by the planet Saturn, which shares a good relation with the planet Mercury. Thus, wearing an emerald is beneficial for Aquarius natives.


Another zodiac which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, Pisces is a boon for those who wish to wear an emerald as the planet Jupiter shares an amicable relationship with the planet Mercury. So, wearing an emerald will help Pisces natives to achieve all their dreams and fulfill all their desires, be it getting their dream job or buying a new house or car. As emerald is the lucky charm for Pisces natives, wearing this stone is highly recommended to them, if their horoscope agrees to it.

My Website Had Responsive Design

My Website Had Responsive Design
It can be a dilemma.
  • You love your website
  • You are getting visitors to your site
  • It represents your brand perfectly
  • Your business is doing OK
What’s the problem? If you like everything about your site but it is not responsive in design, be prepared to make a change or pay the price in reduced traffic.
There are exceptions. If your site is visited exclusively by clients using a desktop, it may not matter. If your client base is broad and your new orders are triggered by existing customers, chances are they are only looking you up to check prices or submit a new transaction. In those cases, investment in a new site may not be worthwhile.

How do you know who accesses your site?

It’s easy within Google Analytics to see a breakdown of how clients are interacting with your website. The ‘Mobile’ overview breaks down the percentage (and actual session number) split between desktop vs mobile vs tablet. On the same screen, you can check the bounce rate – the percentage of people who clicked into the site and then didn’t explore further or clicked away. The lower the bounce rate, the better the chances that your visitor found your site engaging and interesting – good indicators when you are looking to promote your product or service.

Is the writing on the wall? (or in analytics?)

When you see a bounce rate that varies across devices then it can be an indicator that you are losing potential clients by not having a responsive site. What would that look like numerically? It may be a bounce rate of 50% from desktops and a bounce rate of 70% from mobile devices. If the sample size is large enough to make the data compelling, then chances are the experience viewers are having from mobile devices is offputting.
If in doubt, look at your site from a variety of devices and see how it appears when you use it. This is a good idea anyway so you can relate to the experience in a similar fashion to that of your customer.

Will things change?

Yes – the world of search engines and search habits are always evolving, however, the bad news in this scenario is that the swing is towards even more people searching from mobile devices so maybe it is a good time to make a change now.

Don’t want a new website design?

It’s not unusual to love your current site, after all, social networks promotion you probably helped design it, it serves a useful purpose, you’re familiar with it, it has evolved to be your perfect virtual storefront. Here’s the good news… there is no need to stress over a whole new website design and the costs which are typically incurred. If you like your content and don’t want changes made, the chances are it can be copied across to responsive design with minimal compromise. It might mean that some boxes appear bigger or smaller, there might be a slight shift in the overall aesthetic but a good designer will be able to lay out potential changes up front so you can decide if a switch is worthwhile.
It’s something to mull over as there are potential benefits to taking your current site over to responsive design without redesigning
  • it could be cheaper
  • it could be quicker than a redesign
  • it sets you up for the future with more and more people using mobile devices
  • there is no large investment of your time
  • website appeal will remain the same for desktop users but should improve for mobile users

3 Signs Your Website Needs a Custom Redesign Now

3 Signs Your Website Needs a Custom Redesign Now

Seasons change; fashions change; but what about your website design? Should your website change? Does it ever need a makeover, too, in the form of a website redesign?

In many cases the answer definitively is, “yes,” especially if it’s been awhile since you first created your company’s website. Here are three signs your company website needs a makeover or redesign soon.

Sign #1: Your company website is more than 3 years old.

“Even websites have shelf lives,” explains Curtis Armijo, Trulium’s founder and CEO. Trulium is a Denver-based website design and development company that also specializes in search engine optimization. Curtis has been a website design expert in Colorado for 12 years and Trulium serves customers nationwide.

Any website that’s more than three years, for example, is likely to be using dated technology, adds Curtis. In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment that can be an automatic turn-off to customers.

“Your customers will look to you to be an industrial leader and expert in what you do or sell,” says Curtis, “But if your website is older and not aligned with your business today, how can you expect to gain the trust of those new customers?”

Yes, keeping your website up-to-date is an investment but ultimately it will pay off. If you want to grow your business (Who doesn’t, right?), your website needs to be part of that strategy If it isn’t, it’s likely to catch up to you sooner or later.

Sign #2: Your website is missing relevant, new information.

Say your business is booming and growing — that’s great! But does it show on your website? If not, you’re probably losing business some where along the way. After all, most people will usually go to your website FIRST these days to find out about you, your business,what you do and what you offer. If your website doesn’t include everything about you, especially your latest news, changes, products or services, how are your customers supposed to learn more about you?

“One of the biggest problems growing businesses face is expanding in a timely manner, and it’s often their websites that get neglected or put on the back burner,” says Curtis. “At minimum, I tell people it’s wise to be at least creating new content in some forms on a regular basis. These include new web pages, blogs, and articles. However, even better than that is recognizing when your whole website needs more to it, such as a fresh look and a redesign.”

The best case scenario, which, of couse, is want you want, is to have a website that includes relevant content, great links, easy navigation, and a current, fresh design, especially with responsive design for access from all mobile devices. All three of these elements can keep your business growing and attracting new customers.

“You only get a few seconds on the social networks promotion web to make a great first impression with new customers,” explains Curtis. “If you really want to make the most of those precious few moments, then what you need is a solid design that’s responsive; good navigation, and relevant content. Even when one of those is missing, you can lose out fast. That’s why website design matters.”

Sign #3: Your website is using a dated technology such as a flash animation, “Enter Site” intro.

Using outdated technology can only get you so far, for so long, says Curtis. At some point, your company will get left behind.

“Yes, if you have a solid business but use a dated website some of your loyal customers will stay with you for a while,” explains Curtis, “but if you look at your competitors’ websites and they are current and you’re not, then you’re surely losing out and that will surely drag you down.”

At Trulium, we help people by being able to show them the hard data such as Google Analytics and search engine rankings. Chances are, if your website is old and looks it by using outdated technology, it will also reflect in your rankings and it’s hard to argue with concrete numbers and lost sales.

How to Save for a House

How to Save for a House

Before you start saving, consider your timeframe. Do you want to purchase a house in the next year, 5 years, or 10 years?

Using the previously aforementioned $200,000 home, you would need $40,000 for your down payment. A longer timeframe allows for smaller savings per year. For example, to Kate Meckler buy a house in 5 years, you must save $8,000 per year. To buy the house in 10 years, you would only need to save $4,000 per year to make the same down payment.

Your ultimate goal for down payment savings is to avoid PMI. Keep in mind that you may also need money for closing costs and an emergency fund. Whether you decide to go with a longer or shorter timeframe, there is no better time to start saving than now.

How Much House Can You Afford?

In our article, How Much House Can I Afford, we go into detail about how to precisely figure out what you can afford.Before you start saving, it also helps to know how much you need for your mortgage. If you plan on purchasing a home in the next few years, you can use today’s income to determine what you can afford. If your income increases, your ability to pay your mortgage only improves. You do not have to stick to this number when you actually purchase a home though. If life causes your budget to change, then you accommodate accordingly. In the mean time, it gives you a concrete figure to plan around.

Our general recommendation? Spend no more than 28% of your gross monthly income on your mortgage payment.

For example, if you make $75,000 per year, you would calculate the following:$75,000/12 (months) = $6,256 (monthly income)
$6,256 x 0.28 = $1,752 (maximum total monthly mortgage payment)

If you estimate property taxes for your area at around $5,000 and annual homeowner’s insurance at $950:

$5,000/12 (months) = $417 (monthly taxes)
$950/12 (months) = $79 (monthly insurance)
$1,752 – $417 (taxes) – $79 (insurance) = $1,256 per month for principal and interest (mortgage payment)

Assuming a 5% interest rate, you can estimate your mortgage payment to be $550 for every $100,000 you borrow.

$1,256/$550 = 2.28
$100,000 x 2.28 = $228,000 mortgage

Once you know this amount, you can determine how much you want to save. This will give you the total amount of house you can afford. If you can save 20% in this example, you could purchase a $275,000 home with a $55,000 down payment.


As in the above example, let’s say you purchase a $200,000 home. If the lender requires a 20% down payment, you would calculate it as follows:A seller receives money from two places at closing – your down payment and the funds from your mortgage. Lenders usually refer to the down payment as a percentage. A 20% down payment means 20% of the purchase price of the home. The remaining funds you need to purchase the home come from your mortgage.

$200,000 (sales price) x 0.20 (down payment) = $40,000 (down payment)
$200,000 (sales price) – $40,000 (down payment) = $160,000 (loan)


However, it does not mean you have to put that much down for your down payment. Your timeframe and ability to save determine how much you can save. There are programs that allow smaller down payments. However, with a lower percentage, you must include mortgage insurance, which will take away from how much house you can afford.The standard is a 20% down payment.

Social Media — Engagement Is Everything

Social Media — Engagement Is Everything

No matter what you personally think of social media, as a practice owner you need to have at least a Facebook page for your practice. We’ve told you that in other blogs. But simply having a page isn’t enough; you have to keep the content fresh and the engagement active.

You may not particularly like social media — from the SMO fake accounts to the spreading of objectionable material it has a lot to atone for, no doubt. But your patients use your Facebook page to engage with your practice in ways they never would when they are in your office. If they had a bad experience, they are much more likely to rant about it on your Facebook page, rather than in your office. And the same is true with a good experience. If a procedure you performed made one of your patients the hit of her family reunion, she may post photos of the happy event right there on your page. That kind of personal promotion is priceless.

But you have to stay engaged with your practice Facebook page. You can’t make a cursory post every few weeks and call it good. And you can’t leave interactions from visitors, whether good or bad, floating in the netherworld. They need a response.

There’s no quicker way to get visitors to your practice Facebook page to go away and not return than to show them stale content. If the latest post they see is from six months ago, they’re gone, and you’ll lose the ability to connect with them in Facebook’s more informal, personal way in the future.

Easy To Set Up. Harder To Stay With.

In the beginning, everything is great. Your practice Facebook page is easy to set up, and you and your staff are posting photos of new equipment, links to other interesting material, funny staff photos, and other great content.

For two months… Then it becomes a burden. There aren’t that many people liking your posts, so you think it’s a questionable way to spend your time. And you didn’t designate a staff person to run the page, so it sits there for weeks and then months with nothing new.

If you have a personal Facebook page and you let it go dormant that’s no big deal. You could only be annoying the girl who had a crush on you in the 7th grade who is constantly checking your page. No so with your practice page. If a patient is thrilled about the results from her nose surgery and puts a couple pictures up on your page, she at least wants to see a response from your team. It doesn’t have to be anything more than, “We’re happy that you love your results!”

Point is — a dormant Facebook page is worse than not having one in the first place. To keep your page lively and engaging, these are the things you need to do:

  • Post content — Are you regularly creating visually appealing content on your Facebook page? Are you posting pics of your aesthetician running the Boston Marathon? How about the new CoolSculpting machine you just purchased? How about a link to a funny YouTube video or a good holiday party appetizer recipe from the Food Network site? How about a contest with a free Botox session to the winner? That’s the kind of content you need to put up, and you need to do it every day or two.
  • Monitor activity — You also need to keep an eye on interaction with your page. Did someone comment on that photo of the nurse’s new baby? That comment needs a comment from someone on your staff to show that you’re paying attention and care. Or if someone is grousing about something, you absolutely need to respond and hopefully fix the patient’s problem. To leave it there, unaddressed, is the worst customer service you could ever provide. Plus, it’s out there for all to see.
  • A dedicated person — Dedication to your social media is important, so you should probably dedicate one person to be in charge of it. This doesn’t need to be the person’s full-time gig, but it can’t be the 117th item on his or her job requirements list, either. As the practice owner, you need to choose this person carefully. Will he or she be good at it? Can they interact with your patients creatively and in a thoughtful manner? Are they diligent about responding and posting? Make the person’s social media portion a real part of the job, not a sideline to be done five minutes before he or she leaves for the night.

Pokemon Go Winter Event 2018 Announced!

Pokemon Go Winter Event 2018 Announced!

Starting next week, after the Lugia and Ho-Oh raids have gone, the winter/holiday event begins! This event will start December 18th, starting at 1pm PST, with some of the festivities going as far as until January 2nd! Below is a breakdown of what is going on as based off of the Pokemon Go Live Post:

Event Date+Duration
More ICE type Pokemon appear! Including, Jynx, Spheal, Delibird, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt,and Snover December 18th – January 2nd
Pikachu with a ‘festive hat’ December 18th – January 2nd
Smoochum, Azurill, MunchlaxChinglingRiolu, and Mantyke hatching from 7km eggs Start date not specified, assumed December 18th – January 2nd
Single use Incubator from Pokestop spinning once a day Start date not specified, assumed December 18th – January 2nd
Double Catch and Transfer Candy December 18th – December 22nd
Double Catch Stardust December 22nd – December 26th
Double Catch XP December 26th – December 30th
1/2 Egg Hatch December 30th – January 2nd
Delibird Themed Clothing Items Starting December 18th

*(Bold are related to gen 4)

*(Pokémon in Italics are being reported to also be available in 7km eggs via reddit and twitter)

Pokemon.com even mentions a chance to huevos pokemon go, catch a shiny Delibird! The promotion picture for this event shows more Pokemon not mentioned in the announcement, such as Chingling, Croagunk, and in the sky, Lake Trio: Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, a trio of legendary Pokemon. This does not mean these exact Pokemon will also be released, but we wonder if the Lake Trio will be our next round of legendaries!


Keep your eyes out for the aforementioned bolded Pokemon in the table above, as they are either new gen 4 Pokemon, or can evolve into Gen 4 Pokemon at some point. We hope Mamoswine and Froslass will be available from Swinub and Snorunt (only female, in the main series) respectively after the start of this event! No sign of Glaceon though….! Happy bird hunting for the next few days, save your extra ones for the double transfer candy!!!