A Guide to CBD Oil for Dogs

A Guide to CBD Oil for Dogs

If you’re one to stay up on the latest and greatest trends in holistic wellness, chances are you’ve heard of CBD oil canada. CBD has finally been getting the recognition and attention that it so deserves in terms of its wide array of health benefits for people of all ages. It was only a matter of time before experts began studying its effects on our furry companions.

If you haven’t already heard we are happy to be the ones to break the news. CBD oil for dogs is now making great strides in the ways that we are able to medically treat our four-legged friends.

What is CBD?

So what exactly is this incredible herb?

CBD oil is a liquid substance that is derived from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, specifically the hemp plant. Due to the fact that CBD hemp oil comes from the hemp plant, it has no more than 0.3% THC. In other words, it won’t get your dog high. However, it will provide them with an abundance of health benefits that you may just have to see to believe.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Take a look at all of the ailments that CBD oil can treat:

  • Anxiety disorders (anxiety associated with travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, etc.)
  • Pain (chronic and acute)
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Chronic inflammation & autoimmune disease
  • Supports heart health
  • Reduces the formation and spreading of cancer cells
  • Reduces nausea and side effects of conventional medications
  • Boosts the immune system and supports overall wellness
  • Reduces environmental and seasonal allergies

CBD Oil Tinctures

Pet parents may opt to buy CBD oil in tincture form. The tincture comes with an easy-to-use dropper which allows pet parents to have total control over just how much CBD their dog receives. The CBD oil comes in three levels based on the dog’s weight.

CBD Dog Treats

More great news: CBD products are available in specialized dog treats.

With CBD dog treats, pet parents can choose which CBD formula works best for their dog’s specific needs.

If you have an anxious pup on your hands, try the Calming CBD dog treats. These Calming CBD dog treats are made with 100% pure hemp oil and have a delicious roasted peanut butter flavor. These treats are great for dogs who are suffering from anxiety issues, the stresses of flying and traveling, phobias, and dogs that are constantly waking up in the middle of the night.

For dogs experiencing inflammation, joint and muscle pain, recovering from surgery, nausea issues, or recovering from extensive exercise, we recommend these tasty turmeric flavored Relief CBD dog treats. The relief treats effectively treat pain without the potential risk of side effects associated with conventional medications.

Finally, the Restore CBD dog treats are perfect for dogs who are suffering from irritated, dry skin, cracked pause, allergies, and excessive shedding and/or dandruff. Rich in omega 6 and essential fatty acids, these treats will provide relief without the adverse reactions of conventional allergy medications. They are made with 100% pure hemp oil and all natural coconut oil and are a tasty treat for dogs of all sizes.

Off-the-wall, functional art can change how art is seen

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Sep 12 (IANS) If artworks tiptoed into people’s lives as a sofa or a table, would the onlooker’s eye view a different picture? An exhibition here showcased functional ‘art furniture’, and took one to an emerging trend in the Indian arts market where furniture pieces mirroring a painting required viewers to see art afresh.

At “Keepsakes”, which was exhibited recently at the Alliance Francaise here, were several examples of functional ‘art furniture’ where art is taken off the wall and re-painted on furniture by artist Manisha Gawade.

This trend could be an “eye-opener” for Indian art practices at large, curator-author Alka Raghuvanshi said.

Juxtaposed together, the furniture pieces may look like copies of artworks but they branch away from decorative arts — primarily a subject for the eye — simply by having a practical use.

But doesn’t this practical rendering of art raise questions about a divine stature art is often accorded?

“If an artist’s painting is adapted as a table exterior, they wouldn’t want someone to spill coffee, or place their wine glass on it, right?

“This contrasts with how a finished painting would be viewed and treated as. Even if something minor happens to a painting while handling it, the concerned gallery or museum may have to pay for it. It is that coveted,” Raghuvanshi told IANS.

The dynamic, however, changes when aesthetic meets everyday utility.

Raghuvanshi recalled an instance during the three-year-long conceptualisation process, when she had suggested spoiling a table Gawade had just finished painting, with boiling water.

“She was taken aback. I told her that she must desensitise herself as putting the painted furniture out there for practical usage would not just mean use but also abuse,” said Raghuvanshi, whose career in art spans over 50 years.

She said that a rough handling of this kind of work is only possible in the realm of contemporary art as there could be hesitance in using traditional, “figurative art” for furniture exteriors.

Used in this setting, the abstraction many contemporary artists utilise in their artworks could work to their advantage as not having traditional reference motifs on a table could translate to freer usage.

“How abstract art would be treated is very different from, say, a Ganesha motif,” the curator said.

Raghuvanshi also claimed that functional Asian art also “democratises” art practice.

It calls for a different kind of interaction with the viewer-user, suggesting a new gaze with which they look at art — something possible only with ‘usable art’.

To take the point further, Gawade said that “art must be anywhere and everywhere”, and added a question that resounds in many pockets of the art world: Why should art be restricted to only the walls?

The practice also holds weight for a burgeoning art market as an appreciating artwork price could also increase it for the furniture born out of it and will also make people hold the pieces dear and pass them down to upcoming generations.

For “Keepsakes”, design studio Wild Ochre stepped in for the design part of things, and its founder Anju Choudhary stressed that it’s a way for people to find artistic expression in regular upholstery in their own living rooms.

“From an interior designer’s perspective, placing art furniture in your homes departs from the usual run-of-the-mill practice of picking a temporary fad,” she added.

According to Raghuvanshi, the exhibited pieces are an eye-opener to what’s really possible in the domain of functional art.

From just a framed work hung on the wall, art is gradually entering people’s daily lives and is something to look out for.

Why is Sibutramine so popular in weight loss?

Why is Sibutramine so popular in weight loss?

Sibutramine HCL was discovered in 1988 by Boots located in Nottingham, U.K. In 1995, BASF/Knoll AG acquired the Boots Research Division, and Knoll Pharmaceuticals began marketing it. Recently, it was marketed and manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and has been sold under the following brand names; Sibutrex, Siredia, Meridia, Reductil.In 1997 it was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration as medication for obesity.

Sibutramine : Why is it very popular?

In a bid to reduce weight many people have opted to buy sibutramine HCL. But what makes it so popular? Sibutramine HCL is an agent that is administered orally to fight obesity and any weight loss issues. It has won the hearts of many obese patients who are interested in weight management. Taking it every day has helped them shed off significant weight. Also, it prevents the regaining of the weight that one has already lost.

Doctors continue to prescribe it to more patients due to the exceptional results brought in by those who have used it earlier. It is known to efficiently fight obesity and also assist in burning the excess body fat. With many people having positive reviews regarding this medication, it still stands as one of the best weight loss drugs.

Sibutramine HCL fight obesity effectively

In case you are dealing with obesity, you should consider taking Sibutramine HCL. Being an oral anorexiant, it assists in weight loss by altering the chemicals in the brain and turn this affects weight maintenance. In obese patients, Sibutramine HCL drug is used together with a proper diet and exercise to achieve the desired results. By this, it will effectively burn the extra calories in the body hence stimulate weight loss.

Sibutramine HCL results

Sibutramine HCL improves satiety. As a result, you might always feel fuller once you take it thus decreasing your temptations of snacking anything else apart from your regular meals. If you’ve been struggling to control the portions of your food, this medication will be of great help because it will reduce the urge to eat more. It also increases energy expenditure in the body by improving thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the processwhere there is the production of heat in the bodythrough the burning of calories. Once one starts taking the Sibutramine HCL medication, there is a remarkable reduction in the amount of fats in the body. A 5-10% reduction is noticed in the baseline weight of patients who take it. There is also a reduction in the waist circumference, reduced visceral fat tissue and an improved lipid profile. Both the diastolic and systolic blood pressure have been reported to decrease significantly.

Sibutramine HCL (84485-00-7)Why is sibutramine so popular in weight loss?

This white is commonly known as Meridia. Because Sibutramine HCL is an oral drug, its oral administration leads to fast absorption. A minimum of 77% of it is absorbed in a single oral dose. The dosage should be 10-15mg once daily. However, the condition of the body determines the dosage given. It is advised that you should not take above 120mg of Sibutramine HCLin a day. To ensure that the Sibutramine HCL is effective, producers need to note that;

  • They should control the degree of the alkalinity and acidity of the product to inhibit it from turning into salt in the acid base. If this takes place, it will lead to theoutcome being invalid thus ineffective.
  • They should add other recipes correctly,or else they will cause side effects like bad breath, stained face, and constipation.Why is sibutramine so popular in weight loss?
  • Sibutramine HCL should never be blended with plant extracts because they have strong alkalinity. Since Sibutramine HCL is a strong acid, their mixture will lead to the formation of salt.

Weight loss capsules

Capsules are the commonest way that Sibutramine HCL is taken. They are packaged in 10MG, 15MG,and 5MG. It is also the easiest method of taking this medication. The Sibutramine HCLcould be combined with other ingredients while forming the capsule. These are; starch, glucose, lactose, etc. To make sure that the tablet manufactured is effective, an air pressure filling equipment is recommended to ensure that the net content of the used is the specified value. Mechanical mixing equipment is used in the production to make sure that the drug and all other accessories are thoroughly mixed.

Event Staffing: How to Build an All-Star Events Team

Event Staffing: How to Build an All-Star Events Team

Common challenges of building an events team

Rule number one of building an events team: Don’t act like a superhero. Much as you might try, you can’t carry the burden of your entire event alone. Whether your team is small but mighty, or large and in charge, it’s your job to hire a team who can get the job done. Unfortunately, putting together an events team isn’t always simple. Read on for three common challenges of building a team — and what you can do to ease the stress.

Mistakes event owners can easily avoid

Managing an events team is time consuming — and expensive. Here are three common mistakes you can easily avoid when building your events team.

The roles you need on your team

Whether your event has 100 or 100,000 attendees, your core events team will always be working hard. Regardless of the size of your staff, here’s how your core team should be built. Keep in mind that for large events, each of these roles might lead their own sub-teams; for smaller events, one person might play more than one of these roles.

Filling out your team

If you’re a large festival or multi-day conference, you might have resources to hire additional full-time staff. If you’re a small pop-up, you can hire Temp Agencies
other roles as part-time positions.

How to find your next hire

Ten years ago, word of mouth was really the only way to find candidates. Event management wasn’t really considered a profession, so resumes weren’t being passed around. But over the years, live event experiences have gained more respect in the industry. In fact, some brands have a branch of their company where live events are a huge part of their revenue.

Interview questions for your next hire

Once you’ve found viable candidates, how do you make sure you hire the very best? Industry veterans Joel Strycharz, senior field operations manager at Eventbrite, and Tommy Goodwin, director of field services at Eventbrite share their secrets to hiring the best events professionals. Read on to find out the questions you should ask when hiring the next member of your events team.



In today’s day and age where usable land has become scarce and the population increasing at a rate like never before, property rates are surely going to go up the ladder. Owning a piece of real estate is like owning a goose which lays golden eggs; you can either earn from the golden eggs that it lays or cut it off and relish on the meat. You can either rent out your property or sell it off in one go. The key here lies in getting the best price out of your property. Before plunging into buying property, ensure that there is a capital appreciation of at least some percentage every year.

One of the secrets of getting better returns from selling property is to sell it off in a better condition than it was when you bought it. You can check out Checklists of Property Documents that you need to hand over to the buyer before you sell your house

Here are a few things that you can easily make up for in order to get a better return from selling your property


It gives a dirty look if the paint is scraping off your ceiling due to a leaking roof or water spurting out of a pipe. Before trying to sell out your property, it is advisable to do a thorough check of all the water fixtures and pipes. Also, getting your ceiling and wall waterproofed by professionals is a thing that you can do before inviting any prospective buyers




Check in for all your electrical fixtures. Hanging wires and switchboards hanging out of the wall are a strict no-no. The fuses are a safety requirement, more of a compulsion; hence this mandatory fitting needs to be put in place before anything else. The insulation of the wires might be causing a problem or may be the pipe through which the wires go through might need replacement. All these small but important things must be checked for beforehand, and all the amendments and repair work must be done. Also, the tube lights and other lighting appliances must be in place and in working condition. This small investment might bring in greater returns in terms of the rate of the property.


You are selling away your space to someone else; he/she might not like your self-portrait hanging up on one of the walls leading to the hallway. De-clutter your property of all your personal paraphernalia. Your aim is to make the prospective buyer feel at ‘his’ display home. The last thing you want is your prospective buyer not liking your property because the things belonging to you are falling all around the property, and that is making him feel uncomfortable. Presenting your property well might get you a better price than the normal property rates.


Dust away all the dirt and wipe away all the stains off the floors and doors and window panes. In the case of an underdeveloped property clear away all the clutter. You might end up making some money out of the waste by selling it off to the local scrap dealer. This will leave a lasting impression and will urge your prospective buyer to buy your property at a price better than you ever expected. One of the many advantages of cleaning up the place before exhibiting it to prospective buyers is that it gives an illusion of having a bigger space and also a clean surrounding and premise reflect good energy.



Putting in a bit of money to buy some subtle colors of paint and painting the faded walls in your property will bring in a lot of benefits. First and foremost it will give your property a new and fresh look and the second point that makes an impact is that the prospective buyer might not like the bright red wall in the middle of the property. Everyone’s tastes are different hence it is best to not mess around with colors and stick to subtle colors. Colours that reflect more light would be the ideal colors to pick. This will lighten up the property and make it look bright and neat. This small investment of time and some money will come back to you multiplied by a good big number. Here are some Top 10 tips for buying your first investment property

Clickfunnel creating Tips from Experts

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3. Host paid content.

I know a few online course creators who were having trouble figuring out how to make their premium online courses in WordPress accessible to specific people who bought the course.

The thing is… WordPress sucks for selling. It’s made for blogging, not selling.

Clickfunnels pricing, on the other hand, was built to sell.

It lets you host your paid content like exclusive video training, templates, checklists, blueprints, and more.

You can then share it with your premium clients via a secret URL.

How cool is that?

You can do this by creating a membership funnel.

Once you go to ClickFunnels login page and sign in, just click “+ Create Funnel”.

Then select “Membership Funnel” and click the “+ Create Funnel”button:


You should then give the funnel a name.


Choose the template you want for each step.

You can then change the look of the pages and add lessons and courses.

Now you can limit the access to only those who bought a certain product from your sales funnel.

4. Build a webinar funnel.

Every minute 13 new webinars start somewhere on the planet.

Nah, I made that up.

But kidding aside…

…webinars are everywhere. It’s hard to miss them.

Almost every online marketer and entrepreneurs are hosting webinars, so you can bet they’re something useful for the business.

In fact, webinars are among the top lead generation strategies for B2Bs:


The great thing about webinars is they can give you a quick authority boost that you need for clients to trust you.

Because if you’re a guy willing to spend hours talking about a topic, then you must know what you’re talking about!

Webinars will also bring you more qualified leads since those who are interested in what you have to say are also more likely interested in working with or buying from you.

Take a look at how effective webinar is in every step of the sales process:


There’s just one problem:

Creating a webinar funnel can be so time-consuming.

A simple webinar funnel consists of a signup page, email confirmation, confirmation page, webinar details page, and a webinar host integration.

Here’s an example of a webinar funnel

There’s a lot going on there…

Not to mention that you also have to focus on creating great webinar content and marketing your webinar.

Still there?

But the good news is:

You can create all of these parts right inside your ClickFunnels dashboard.

Here’s an example of how it can look like:


I won’t show you exactly how to set up a webinar funnel, but if you’re interested, you can learn the basic steps of creating a webinar funnel with ClickFunnels here.

Now let’s see another interesting funnel that you can quickly create in ClickFunnels:

5. Create a High Ticket Coaching Funnel

How do you get people to happily pay you $1000 per coaching session?

It’s not so much about being an expert as it is about marketing yourself the right way.

And a huge part of marketing yourself is your sales funnel.

If you’re a high ticket coach or would love to start a high-ticket coaching business, here’s a good news:

ClickFunnels is the ultimate funnel creator you need.

High ticket coaching is a particularly tough niche to crack.

You need to get every step right – so each step of the sales funnel should seamlessly work together to cement you as the ONE person your clients need to solve their problem.

Now here’s what you need to know:

The goal of any high ticket coaching funnel is to get your potential client to call you.

Because it’s waaaay easier to close a sale when the client is calling you versus the other way around.

Here’s a sample high-ticket coaching sales funnel:


You can easily create such a funnel with ClickFunnels templates.

Once you create your funnel, you can launch a Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook ads + ClickFunnels = winning high ticket coaching funnel combo.

If you want to learn how to create a high ticket coaching funnel with ClickFunnels, check this out.

And here’s a case study of Winning International’s highly successful high ticket coaching funnel with a 4,034% ROI.

Now let’s proceed to the somehow different way you can earn more using clickFunnels:

How Catering Industry is So Popular in London

How Catering Industry is So Popular in London

There are wide ranges of caterers available in London due to the increasing demand of catering services among corporate people, socialites, household events etc. Catering London industry is becoming popular in London because is is a place where most of the big events are organized which might range from celebrity award ceremonies to corporate success and from celebrity marriage function to premier of any movies and many more. But this does not mean that only big events are taken up by these London caterers. There are other local events wherein London caterers play a vital role such as birthday bash, wedding ceremonies, Christmas events, New Year eve, office events, small get together etc.

So we have seen that every type of events needs professional touch in making the party a grand success. But if one company would take up all the big and small events under its consideration then it will turn into mess. Thus with increasing demand, more and more people entered into this catering business as a result high level of competition came into existence. This is how catering services has become so popular and affordable used catering trailers. If companies would not provide high level of services at a reasonable price then their competitors would grab their customers. So in order to survive in this competition, one has to provide such services which shall fulfill all the needs of their customers so that their loyalty can remain intact towards the service provider.

So far we have framed our own set of images regarding catering services wherein food and drink services were the sole objective such business. But gradually things have changed and wider aspect of catering industry has come into notice. This represents that office catering London not only provide finest food and drink but also take up the entire responsibility of decorating the venue and attending your guests with starters. Each and every arrangement is being taken care of the highly trained and professional staff of the company. Being a host you just need to enjoy with your guests and pamper them. But one thing that you need to be cautious about is the selection of catering company because until and unless best selection is done your event can never turn into a grand success.

4 More Tips For Dominating the Courses in Golf Clash

4 More Tips For Dominating the Courses in Golf Clash

As someone relatively new to mobile gaming, I’ve been trying out a number of mobile titles lately. And so far one of the most addicting ones has been Golf Clash.

Golf Clash is a golfing game on both iOS and Android that puts you in a 1v1 battle to see who has better timing and precision on the golf course. As you play through the game you collect trophies, https://www.gclashcheats.com/ acquire chests with upgrades, and unlock new clubs and golf balls — each with their own special properties.

To build on a set of tips for Golf Clash, let’s take a look at 4 more ways that you can improve your game and gain an edge on the competition.

1. Upgrade those clubs

As you get chests — either from winning or the free chests that are given out regularly — you’ll eventually start unlocking new clubs. Swap to these new clubs asap! Even the most basic club is better than the clubs you start with. As you continue to win you’ll eventually get more of the club cards, allowing you to upgrade that club’s specs and make it even better.

Now, don’t go upgrading every club that you have, because it costs coins and the cost increases with every upgrade level. The clubs that you should focus on upgrading are your driver and putter, as you’ll almost always use these.

2. Earn those trophies

Aside from showing other players that you’re a Golf Clash badass, trophies are important for getting chests. Each of the golf tours has a maximum number of trophies that can be won on that specific tour. The breakdown looks like this:

  • Tour 1 – Beginner – 20 trophy max
  • Tour 2 – West Coast – 50 trophy max
  • Tour 3 – Asia Pacific – 100 trophy max
  • Tour 4 – 6-Star Hotel – 200 trophy max
  • Tour 5 – World Links – 300 trophy max
  • Tour 6 – U.S. Champions – 500 trophy max

You might not be able to get any more trophies from playing at a lower level, but you can still earn coins on those tours — which is helpful if you fall low on funds.

3. Keep up with the chests (and grab freebies)

It’s important to keep up with unlocking your chests, as the chests have coins, gems, clubs, and upgraded balls in them. There are a number of ways to get chests, as well as a variety of chests to obtain.


The basic chests are Wood, Silver, Gold, and Platinum chests. You can get these basic chests from climbing the leaderboards and winning matches. You can also score a free Platinum chest for linking your Golf Clash with your Facebook account. 

There’s also the King chest and the Pin chest. The King chest is only attainable through in-app purchase, but boasts at least 5 epic cards and 24 rare cards (with a total of 61 cards). The Pin chest is a special chest that you get after 8 successful putts.

Make sure to start unlocking chests as soon as you can to avoid getting backed up and missing out on earning more chests. Silver chests are the most common, and take 4 hours to unlock — or 20 gems if you’re willing to spend some money.

4. Keep an eye on your coins

Money makes the world go round, and that’s not an exception in Golf Clash. Every time you enter a match there is an entrance fee. It also costs money to upgrade those clubs. So how can you keep the cash flowing? Well, the obvious answer is to win your matches — but there are other ways of making that wallet grow.

Yet another reason to keep up with your chests is that they earn you coins each time you open one. You can also sit through some ads to gain a few coins. And lastly, you could purchase some coins on the in-app market if you don’t mind spending real-world money for some virtual fun.

How to Become an Entrepreneur

How to Become an Entrepreneur

These days, we’re all looking for something outside of the status quo, the rinse and repeat.  If you’re wondering how to become an entrepreneur, this article is a great place to start. Some entrepreneurs make their mark in the world at very early ages from as young as 15. To cite an example, tech whiz-kid, Elon Musk, who hails from sunny South Africa, co-founded a company (Zip2) at the tender age of 24! His firm specialized in software development and it was purchased by computer industry giant, Compaq, just four years later. When the company sold, the co-founders (Musk and his brother) divided a staggering 341 million dollars in cash and stock options.

As you can see, anything is possible and Educomp Shantanu Prakash being young or old isn’t a deterrent to reaching the highest level of success. In fact, youthful and energy and spirit may be part of the reason why very young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 25 frequently bust through obstacles and achieve their goals! Additionally, you’ll be astonished to know that most men and women achieve their ultimate desired level of financial and career success between the ages of 40-68 years of age (Study from March 2014).

If you want to get past the “go to college, get a job” mindset, you’ll find that thinking outside of the box (with regard to entrepreneurship and/or investment) is the key to building wealth and gaining respect because people respect those who build something from the ground up despite any struggles that life throws at them.

While the secret of how to become an entrepreneur is often sheer drive, coupled with particular knowledge in a specific niche (or a truly ingenious idea!), there are some tips to keep in mind.

When combined with your own will, talent and hard work, these tips may just give you the power to become the next Mark Zuckerberg (whom does not have a college degree by the way).

Put Your Ego Aside

You Can Be Right


You Can Be Rich.

Those who dream big in terms of business often have a healthy self-worth which match their ambitions and their results. However, entrepreneurs who want to make a huge and sustained impact do need to learn how to put their immature egos on the back-burner for a while. Building a new company is all about creating a team and any team needs to function effectively as a cohesive unit, allowing yourself to trust in others performance and work.

When considering your prospective company, be aware that proper team-building will require the creation of corporate culture and that you will be responsible for setting the tone for your team. Great corporate culture is all about making employees feel valued, heard and respected.

Google is one example of a company which does have a superlative and world-renowned corporate culture. Google execs spend plenty of time trying to make their staff members happy, by promoting ethical and positive corporate values and by providing a host of perks, from free Starbucks coffee to sleep pods (for power naps!) and beyond. These execs surely have egos, but they downplay them in order to support their underlings and build a wonderful team. This is a valuable lesson in how to be an entrepreneur.

So, do think about how to build corporate culture early on. Doing so will also help you to attract the right sort of talent.

As you can see, it’s more important to show up than to show off! Creating corporate culture at your start-up will demonstrate your devotion to the well-being of your employees, whether there is one staff member or plenty, and it will define the core values of the company. It’s also a great foundation for growth and for preparing to market a corporate image successfully.

How to Invest with Little Capital

Entrepreneurship takes many forms. Some savvy entrepreneurs build capital and position themselves for extremely successful futures via investment. In other words, a young investor will learn how to become an entrepreneur by putting his or her money into ventures or stocks which have the potential to generate great profits in the future.

For this reason, developing the ability to spot viable investment opportunities will be one important aspect of how to become an entrepreneur. Usually, spotting opportunities happens after extensive research. We believe that you’ll learn how to make your own economy by analyzing and spotting opportunities in front of you and then deciding where (not if) and how to invest. Some people have a natural talent for spotting investment opportunities, while others may need a hand.  Here at Sirius Design Group, we offer FREE Video Conference Consultations via Skype to answer any questions you may have about a wide variety of Entrepreneurship opportunities.

No matter which type of entrepreneur you are, be certain to do your homework before putting money into an investment opportunity. It’s always a gamble, but you may boost the odds of winning by knowing exactly what you’re getting into…

In terms of saving money, you should always save to invest money, never save just to save money. You’ll always want to invest into things that will yield the highest Return on Investment, and Digital Real Estate is a good place to start because you can start a profiting business for less than it takes to buy a used Ford Focus!

Find a Mentor

Another tip on how to become an entrepreneur is to find a mentor online or in our community! In the digital age, it is very easy to reach out to worthy candidates. Once you find a mentor, you’ll be ready to learn how to become an entrepreneur from someone who really knows the drill.

Mentors are willing to share lots of practical business tips and advice with ambitious college grads – they do so in order to support business development in their own communities. Finding a great mentor will also help you to make important business connections which may pay off for you down the line.

Make Debt Pay You

Finally, consider the debt that you take on and then avoid debt that doesn’t pay off for you in some way. For example, if you’re going to put together a start-up company and you need a loan of any kind including a credit card, find one that offers AirMiles or some sort of points and incentives. You may use accumulated Air Miles in order to fly to important meetings in other places down the road. Finding ways to make debt pay off for you will help you to gain a foothold and stay on track with your start-up budget. One of the best things to do, as a student, is take a portion of your student loan and invest it into something like Digital Real Estate or the startup of a company because down the road it can be a major tax write off!

Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use

Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use

So finally, the new Clash Royale card, Rascals, is here, coming up with the special Rascals Draft Challenge!

In this page, we are collecting the best tips and tricks for you guys to get 12 wins in the Challenge, and of course, to get that huge pack of the Rascals.

Card Summary

The Rascals card can be unlocked from Arena 9.

This card deploys a group of 3 units: A Rascal boy and 2 Rascal Girls. This can be considered as a discounted Knight + Archers combo.

Rascal Boy is single target melee unit with moderate HP and damage. Clash Royale Gems Generator Rascal Girls are also single-target units with medium attack range, low HP and moderate damage.

The Rascal boy is basically a Mini-Tank wielding a wooden sword while Rascal Girls are squishy ranged support wielding slingshots with Double Trouble Gum as the projectile.

Together, they counter each other weakness and thus, can prove to be very strong, especially when over-levelled on the ladder.

The deployment is always a the boy in the front and the girls behind.

Tips for Rascals Draft Challenge

Here are some cards that will work great with the Rascals in the Challenge. Pick them If you have the chance.

Synergies with Rascals

Hog Rider

Rascals and this bad boy can be dope. With R.Boy’s High HP and R.Girls’ High DPS, it is a perfect combo.


Tank + Support + Graveyard. Classic. Not much to say here. Can be used when opponent is low on elixir or when one tower down.

Siege Buildings

Mortar and X-bow both will be benefitted with Release of Rascals as its gonna be cheaper to protect your buildings.


Play Rascals. Wait for opponent to use The Log. Throw in Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang. Ah, the feeling.

Defensive Synergies

AoE cards

Neither the R.Boy nor the R.Girl deal splash. So, having AoE cards is necessary for the Rascals to cause menace.

Ice Spirit

Freeze for 1 sec to make the Rascals do their job in an easier way.

Air Swarms

Tank with Rascals and Spank with Bats, Minions and Minion Horde. The Air and Ground combo also makes this hard to counter on your side of the map.

How to counters to Rascals?

General way to counter

The general way to counter Rascals is simply taking out the R.Girls and then focusing on R.Boy. Treat R.Boy as just another melee tank and use just the normal cards you use to kill them.

Here, I will be talking about cards which counter Rascals 1v1 (with the help of Crown Tower) and not card combinations.


These specifically include Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Barbarians and Goblin Gang.

With high DPS, these can take care of Rascals with ease.

However, beware of Spells or Splash Troops.

Melee Troops

These specifically include Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Prince, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, Night Witch, Knight.

Not sure about the interaction with Bandit and Royal Ghost yet.

Generally, place them behind the R.Girls and kill them (as they are the higher DPS units) and then it’s just a battle between your troop and the R.Boy which rather easy as he can’t dish out much damage and the battle is on your side of the arena.

Splash Troops

These specifically include Bowler, Executioner, Witch, Wizard.

With their Splash Damage they can take simultaneously hit all the 3 units.

Bomb Tower:

Can one shot the R.Girls while the R.Boy would die soon enough.



You can use him first to kill R.Girls by placing him behind them and let R.Boy come close enough for Hunter to be able to do max damage.

Or another tactic, is to use Hunter’s range and splash by placing him at the centre.

Thus, he can be used as a Melee Troop or a Splash Troop.

Barbarian Barrel

The Barrel can itself take care of the R.Girls while the Barbarian can take care of the R.Boy.

However, the R.Boy has high health he may end up killing the Barbarian and get couple of hits off the tower.