3 Signs Your Website Needs a Custom Redesign Now

Seasons change; fashions change; but what about your website design? Should your website change? Does it ever need a makeover, too, in the form of a website redesign?

In many cases the answer definitively is, “yes,” especially if it’s been awhile since you first created your company’s website. Here are three signs your company website needs a makeover or redesign soon.

Sign #1: Your company website is more than 3 years old.

“Even websites have shelf lives,” explains Curtis Armijo, Trulium’s founder and CEO. Trulium is a Denver-based website design and development company that also specializes in search engine optimization. Curtis has been a website design expert in Colorado for 12 years and Trulium serves customers nationwide.

Any website that’s more than three years, for example, is likely to be using dated technology, adds Curtis. In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment that can be an automatic turn-off to customers.

“Your customers will look to you to be an industrial leader and expert in what you do or sell,” says Curtis, “But if your website is older and not aligned with your business today, how can you expect to gain the trust of those new customers?”

Yes, keeping your website up-to-date is an investment but ultimately it will pay off. If you want to grow your business (Who doesn’t, right?), your website needs to be part of that strategy If it isn’t, it’s likely to catch up to you sooner or later.

Sign #2: Your website is missing relevant, new information.

Say your business is booming and growing — that’s great! But does it show on your website? If not, you’re probably losing business some where along the way. After all, most people will usually go to your website FIRST these days to find out about you, your business,what you do and what you offer. If your website doesn’t include everything about you, especially your latest news, changes, products or services, how are your customers supposed to learn more about you?

“One of the biggest problems growing businesses face is expanding in a timely manner, and it’s often their websites that get neglected or put on the back burner,” says Curtis. “At minimum, I tell people it’s wise to be at least creating new content in some forms on a regular basis. These include new web pages, blogs, and articles. However, even better than that is recognizing when your whole website needs more to it, such as a fresh look and a redesign.”

The best case scenario, which, of couse, is want you want, is to have a website that includes relevant content, great links, easy navigation, and a current, fresh design, especially with responsive design for access from all mobile devices. All three of these elements can keep your business growing and attracting new customers.

“You only get a few seconds on the social networks promotion web to make a great first impression with new customers,” explains Curtis. “If you really want to make the most of those precious few moments, then what you need is a solid design that’s responsive; good navigation, and relevant content. Even when one of those is missing, you can lose out fast. That’s why website design matters.”

Sign #3: Your website is using a dated technology such as a flash animation, “Enter Site” intro.

Using outdated technology can only get you so far, for so long, says Curtis. At some point, your company will get left behind.

“Yes, if you have a solid business but use a dated website some of your loyal customers will stay with you for a while,” explains Curtis, “but if you look at your competitors’ websites and they are current and you’re not, then you’re surely losing out and that will surely drag you down.”

At Trulium, we help people by being able to show them the hard data such as Google Analytics and search engine rankings. Chances are, if your website is old and looks it by using outdated technology, it will also reflect in your rankings and it’s hard to argue with concrete numbers and lost sales.